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9th October 2021
Accelerating Climate Action Through Sustainable Development Within the Built Environment
Ahead of Built Environment Day and COP26 is it time for the construction industry to embrace sustainable development to accelerate climate action?
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2nd October 2021
Residential Architecture Trends Emphasise Green and Multi-Purpose Spaces
Ramsey Assal, founder of The Landsite, explores new-build architecture trends to look out for in 2021
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3rd September 2021
The Developer Making the Property and Construction Industries More Collaborative
One man who is helping the industry work better together is Ramsey Assal, Founder and CEO of The Landsite.
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19th August 2021
The Landsite Participating at UKCW 2021
We are delighted to participate at this years upcoming UKCW 2021
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20th July 2021
Find Experts for Your Property Project
Your dream home might be closer than you think
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28th June 2021
Hitting Net-Zero: How Property Investors Can Contribute to the 2025 Carbon Target
Ramsey Assal, Founder of The Landsite talks to Property Investor Today 
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22nd June 2021
How can the Construction Industry Help the ‘Low Carbon 2025’ Target?
Towards the start of this year, the Government outlined a plan in which all new homes would be made to meet ‘net zero’ by the year 2025.
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12th June 2021
What Safety Certificates Do Landlords Need?
To help you comply with the law, here is a checklist of the certificates and safety inspections needed
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12th May 2021
Find us in Print and Digital
Catch us in the latest editions of The Surrey and Berkshire  Life Magazines 
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2nd May 2021
Commercial Spaces are Closing at a Record-high Rate. Yet the Post-pandemic Future is Looking Bright for UK High Streets
Concerns over commercial vacancies have grown this past year. Yet the future of commercial spaces looks positive as we transition to a post-COVID boom.
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10th April 2021
Proud Partners of South East Construction Expo 2021
We are delighted to partner with South East Construction Expo 2021
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3rd March 2021
Official Partner - UK Construction Week
We are thrilled to announce that The Landsite is an official partner of UK Construction Week
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12th February 2021
Do I Need an Architect? Here’s Why You Might
While architects are often considered an expense too far for those renovating their homes, in the long term using one can actually increase the value of your home.
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10th February 2021
New UK apprenticeships have halved. What does this mean for property, construction and the UK’s COVID-19 recovery?
The hiring of young talent has been significantly impacted by COVID-19. But these workers are essential to our post-pandemic recovery.
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1st February 2021
6 Types of Employment and Training Opportunities in the Real Estate Sector
With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and with many businesses closing, this could be time to re-evaluate and look at new employment and training opportunities in the property and the wider real estate sector.
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30th January 2021
Lighting Affects How a Room is Experienced
Lighting can revolutionise a room, whether that’s using it to create an energetic, productive or inspiring mood, or to make a space feel cosy and intimate.
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17th January 2021
The Landsite Continues to Grow and We Are Hiring!
After a successful 2020 are looking to grow our team
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10th January 2021
Where To Start? The Property Professionals Who Can Help You Invest In Commercial Spaces
It may be tempting to ‘go it alone’ but there are lots of property professionals who can help you invest in commercial spaces.
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31st December 2020
Happy New Year!
Wishing all our members, partners and business professionals a very happy new year!
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31st December 2020
Employment Opportunities in the Real Estate Industry Post Pandemic
The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the jobs market, with 820,000 fewer employees on company payrolls in November than in February according to HMRC figures.
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31st December 2020
How to Build Connections in the Construction Industry
Ramsey Assal, founder of The Landsite, the commercial property marketplace, underlines the benefits that building real connections bring to a project.
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27th December 2020
Buying Land: How To Do It Successfully
Even if you’re an experienced property buyer, whether that’s residential, commercial or both, buying land requires a totally different mindset.
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23rd December 2020
The Role of Sustainable Development Within the Build Environment
As one of the largest consumers of natural resources, the construction industry has an important part to play in sustainable development.  
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3rd December 2020
Auctions and the Value of Auctions
Every year thousands of properties both commercial and residential are sold at auction
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29th November 2020
Where Services and Properties Go Hand in Hand
You've completed and signed on the dotted line for your commercial, land or residential real estate purchase. Now the fun starts.
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5th November 2020
6 Types of Employment and Training Opportunities in the Property Sector
With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 the new lockdown which has come into effect in England today - it could be a good time to look at new employment and training opportunities in the property and wider real estate sector
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5th November 2020
Lockdown Comes Into Effect Today!
As the lockdown comes into effect today we are open for business
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1st November 2020
What is The Landsite and How Can I Use It?
The Landsite is a professional digital network designed to connect anyone with an interest in the real estate market.
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15th October 2020
Surviving Covid-19
What a year so far and we still have two months of this year to go
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5th October 2020
FIND Property Industry Professionals and Properties on One Platform
Have you ever had trouble finding professional services for a property or land you have recently found online?
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15th September 2020
The Landsite: The Shopping Centre for Every Sector of the Property Market
When asked to describe what we are, our team often describe The Landsite as the ‘go-to’ shopping centre for the entire commercial property industry.
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14th September 2020
Top Tips For Sustainable Property Development
Most people are going for more eco-friendly projects right now, so we thought we’d bring together four top tips for sustainable property development to help you start too.
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9th September 2020
On The Property Journey With Our Members
All Landsite members have one thing in common, in one way or another, they form part of the property industry. 
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5th September 2020
How To Find The Right Property and Land Insurance?
First of all, we have to stress that you absolutely 100% need to get property and land insurance. It’s just common sense.
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2nd September 2020
Post Your News Here!
Did you know you can post news, share your business updates and more?
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30th August 2020
A Warm Welcome to Our Latest Members
We are proud to welcome the latest esteemed businesses to our network.
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25th August 2020
Proptech and Property Design - The Perfect Match?
Proptech and property design are a match made in heaven. Advancing technologies mean that designers can visualise their projects in a much more realistic way
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Ramsey Assal
Useful and interesting. Thanks.
17th August 2020
Sourcing Connections to Make Your Build More Sustainable
Today, we are as environmentally conscious as we’ve ever been. Our impact upon the world’s climate is well-documented and undeniable.
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15th August 2020
3 Types of Legal Property Services You Can Use
There are lots of legal property services you can use throughout a commercial property lifecycle, though these can be broken down into three main groups.
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12th August 2020
Is Networking For Property Investors a Thing of The Past?
For many people, networking brings with it negative connotations. It stirs up images of schmoozing businessmen engaged in self-aggrandising conversations. This, however, is now a fairly archaic depiction of what networking is.
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10th August 2020
Mortgages for Commercial Property: Your Complete Guide
This guide explains everything you need to know about commercial property mortgages, including the pros and cons and the potential benefits of commercial investment.
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29th July 2020
How Collaboration Benefits the Property Industry
The property industry is among the most collaborative out there, or at least it should be. Any one property project requires the involvement of countless different parties, from contractors to engineers, solicitors to estate agents, and many more in between.    
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25th July 2020
Top Tips For Getting The Right Property and Land Insurance
Getting the right property and land insurance often seems like a daunting task. There are so many options, so many providers, how are you meant to know if you’re getting a good deal and the right protection?
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16th July 2020
Struggling with Work & Home Life Balance?
We'e listed 6 top tips on how to gain the most from working at home and boost positivity and productivity.
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