Top Tips For Sustainable Property Development

Published by The Landsite on 14th September 2020 -


Most people are going for more eco-friendly projects right now, so we thought we’d bring together four top tips for sustainable property development to help you start too.

That way, you can be totally prepared and make fully informed decisions when it comes to your next development project.

1.   Know what being ‘sustainable’ means

It’s a buzzword, we know, but it’s important. Lots of people are into it and will come down on you if you get the definition wrong.

However, it’s not always clear on what being ‘sustainable’ actually is - especially in business. We take it as having as little impact on the environment as possible. Nice and simple. Done. But how do you do it?

Well, on an individual level it means:

●      Cutting down on your carbon emissions - try walking instead of driving, shopping local instead of ordering from other countries

●      Giving up on single use plastic and going ‘zero waste’ - no straws, reusable bags,  buying only what you need

●      Recycle properly - Lots of mixed messages out there (and probably more different coloured bins designed to help). But pay attention to what you’re throwing away and learn what goes where.

Guess what? Most of those lessons can be applied to your next development project. Try and cut down on carbon; get materials from local suppliers, avoid plastic wrap and, if you do get some, recycle it properly. If you apply these principles of individual sustainability to your development you’ll be off to a cracking start. 

2.   There can never be enough insulation

Keeping your development warm naturally is a great step forward to sustainability. This avoids costly bills for tenants as well as requiring less energy to heat the place.

It’s best to prepare for this at the start of your project; ‘incorporating (it) into the structural elements of your home such as the walls, roof and floor’ as it’s an expensive thing to fix later once the building has been made.

This will make your entire development much more efficient - as does making the building airtight so heat can’t leak out!  

3.   Really really think about the materials you’re using

Consider thermal mass in everything you do. Masonry, brick and concrete absorb warmth all day long and release it at night when the temperature drops. Insulation can help with this and reduce energy consumption.

Also, pick green and sustainable materials where you can; certain suppliers specialise in this so best to ask them directly.

4.   Embrace technology

It sounds silly when you say you want to cut carbon, but embrace tech that runs off energy sources. But trust us, it’s worth it. Tech such as solar panels and biomass boilers can help you control energy sources, while other gadgets and gizmos can help ensure that your project is done efficiently. Even a simple smart meter could make a big difference!

So there you have it, our top four tips for sustainable property development. Keep them in mind, do a little research, and you’ll have an efficient and environmentally friendly site in no time!

Check out our member Scotscape - Specialists in Commercial and Domestic Landscape Construction, Living Walls, and Urban Greening for inspiration and ideas. 

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