Where To Start? The Property Professionals Who Can Help You Invest In Commercial Spaces

Posted by The Landsite on 13th November 2023 -


In this short guide, we take a look at the investment process and the key professionals needed for your property investment journey. 

7 stages of property investment:

First of all, it's imperative to understand the process of property investment.  We have broken this process down into seven simple stages. 

  1. Research - Evaluate different commercial property options and analyse investment potential.
  2. Finance - Assess financial viability and develop a budget.
  3. Development / renovation - Enhance property value through development or renovation. Implement strategic improvements to attract tenants or buyers.
  4. Management - Oversee property operations and maintenance.
  5. Selling/Refinancing - Evaluate market conditions for selling or refinancing. Capitalise on property appreciation or refinance for better terms.
  6. Tax considerations -  Ensure compliance with tax regulations.
  7. Estate planning - Develop strategies for passing on or managing property assets.

The property investment professionals:

To make an informed property investment decision, you will need to engage the services of these five essential professionals:

Finance / mortgage broker

It makes sense that a mortgage or financial broker is your first point of call when you start thinking about property investment. They’ll help you determine why you’re investing, areas to address, and secure the optimal financial solution. 

Real estate agent

Develop a good relationship with a commercial property estate agent. You want to secure the services of an agent who is trustworthy and who understands your needs and intentions. This will help ensure that you get the right investment property.


The services of an accountant provides you with sound financial advice and tax planning assistance.  


Instruct a solicitor to oversee the conveyancing and any other aspects of the project. Looking at legal documents surrounding a development project is a must, as well as any disputes or paperwork. Getting them on your team will ensure you are protected.


Bring in a surveyor to make sure the site is structurally sound and will be able to sustain any changes that you may be making. They can also value the site if you’re intending to sell it, so can be very useful.

Insurance broker / structural warranty specialist

Employ the services of an insurance broker to make sure both your building and your business is properly protected.  In the event of any redevelopment or refurbishment work, make sure you have the necessary structrual / build warranty in place to protect your asset. 


It’s not so much a ‘professional’ role, though your mentor may be a property professional themselves. Talking things through with other investors and industry experts is an invaluable experience; especially if it’s your first time investing.  You may also benefit from discussions with land acquisition specialists, planning, property and tax consultants and other people who specialise in the field you’re looking to invest in.

Whether you are dipping your toes into the commercial property world for the first time, or you are a seasoned property investor, The Landsite serves as an invaluable resource for discovering prime investment opportunities and accessing essential professional expertise.

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