What is The Landsite and How Can I Use It?

The Landsite is a platform for property developers and property investors to source land, development sites, and investment opportunities as well as businesses and professional services throughout the real estate sector.   

The Landsite allows members to create a business profile to engage with a targeted audience.   

Visitors to the platform can find a wide range of businesses including property finance specialists, build warranty providers, construction services, property technology, planning services, property management and much more. 


Who should be joining The Landsite?

The Landsite is the UK's leading platform for businesses and professionals looking to promote their services and expertise to a targeted audience. 


How do I get started on The Landsite?

Getting started is quick and simple:

  • Create your business profile: Begin by clicking the membership button and one of our team will set up your business profile for you.  
  • Upload content: Through your business profile dashboard, you can showcase your services, list properties and share content as well as promote products and services.


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Why showcase your services?

Connect with the experts and discover property opportunities in your area.

Publish your ideas directly to an engaged audience that’s hungry for insights.

Welcome new and relevant opportunities locally or across the UK.

Build new relationships based on knowledge and experience.

Promote your services to an extensive​ tailor-made audience.

Create new exciting partnerships with like-minded businesses.