What is The Landsite and How Can I Use It?

The Landsite is a professional digital network designed to connect anyone with an interest in the real estate market. 

The company’s proprietary platform allows members to create and share their business identity online, access a focused customer base, share knowledge and news – all with the goal of finding new business opportunities.

You can use The Landsite to connect and strengthen client relationships and find professional services, products, expertise, land, offices, new homes, commercial properties, as well as find training and employment opportunities.


Who should be joining The Landsite?

The Landsite is a platform for anyone who is looking to find new customers and expand their client base.

This can include people from various real estate backgrounds, such as investors, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, designers, recruiters, surveyors, legal services, insurance & finance providers. 

The Landsite members can use the platform to tap into a network of professional services, companies, and groups within and beyond their industry.


How do I get started on The Landsite?

The Landsite is an online platform that connects anyone with an interest in real estate to a focused customer audience. 

Here are a few steps to get started:

Create your account: Signing up and creating your personal account is the best way to begin using The Landsite. 
Build your network: Your business profile plays a crucial part in unlocking the power of The Landsite. Once you have your personal account in place you can access your dashboard and enter details of your business to complete a business profile page. This will summarise your business and expertise to your connections and our platform visitors.
Post content: You can easily participate in the real estate market on The Landsite. Through your dashboard and business profile you can showcase your services and share your perspective on relevant issues and topics with others. You can follow businesses as well as like and comment on posts and articles. From here you will be able to list your products and services such as properties, jobs and financial products.

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