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Sustainable development isn't a trend - it's the future. We're all affected by environmental, social and economic change, so really should be looking for ways to limit our use of resources.

But where do you start?

Use the Landsite to discover insights from international sustainability experts, as well as promote and share your own knowledge and experience of sustainable development.

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Sustainable Development : Insights

2nd April 2020
Living walls for urban gardens
Posted by Scotscape

Working from home certainly gets the imagination flowing in terms of home and garden improvements and wish lists for the future. 

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1st April 2020
What is sustainable development?
Posted by The Landsite

‘Sustainable development’ is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. But we’re not sure everyone knows what it means - especially in commercial property...

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23rd March 2020
Covid-19 - Staying at Home

Ways to turn your garden into a wildlife sanctuary

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17th February 2020
Orchard Lisle Living Wall selected for Local Project Challenge
Posted by Scotscape

Specialists in Commercial & Domestic Landscape Construction, Living Walls, and Urban Greening; the Scotscape team are delighted with the outcome. 

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10th February 2020
Modular housing venture BoKlok buys three sites
Posted by Hunter Dunning

BoKlok, the modular housing venture between IKEA and Skanska buys three sites for the development of modular housing in the U.K.  


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22nd January 2020
Our top 5 tips for Big Energy Savings Week
Posted by The Landsite

It is Big Energy Saving Week and here at The Landsite we’ve come up with 5 useful and (we think) simple suggestions for you to save on your current office energy consumption :

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