3 Types of Legal Property Services You Can Use

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There are lots of legal property services you can use throughout a commercial property lifecycle, though these can be broken down into three main groups.

From buying a commercial property, to maintaining it and selling it, there are several areas a solicitor might be able to help with. We’ll give you a quick run through of the types of legal property services you can use, so you can be sure to have the support as and when you need it.

Who can use legal property services for commercial projects?

Anyone can hire a lawyer to help with their commercial project; the trick is finding the right one for your project. Firms may specialise in different legal areas, work with clients of a certain size, or have expertise in specific business industries.

So, do your research, and try to go for a nearby firm if you can. Their local knowledge and connections may pay off, as well as make it much easier for you to visit them!

3 core types of legal property services:

1. Conveyancing solicitors

Your conveyancing solicitor will become your best friend during the procurement process. They handle all the legal aspects of transferring property ownership from a seller to a buyer. 

A conveyancing solicitor ensures everything is legal, all parties are holding to their end of the deal and conduct tasks like title searches, form filling and exchange.

2. Property litigation solicitors

Disputes can arise as part of any property project. Whether this is to do with redevelopment agreements, easements, boundary disputes, rent recovery or something else entirely, it is best to have a lawyer on your side.

These solicitors can either agree on settlements or prepare cases (and you) for litigation in court.

3. General property law

The last two options are the key areas of commercial property law. But by no means are they all-encompassing. General property lawyers can help you in a range of areas including:

  • Leases for commercial premises
  • Licences to occupy commercial premises
  • Tenancies at Will
  • Lease Renewals
  • Extensions
  • Lease Assignments
  • Leasehold acquisitions and disposals
  • Rent reviews
  • Surrender of leasehold interests
  • Compulsory purchase of land
  • Redevelopment projects
  • Joint venture agreements

If you need advice in any of these areas, it’s best to contact a local lawyer directly so you can be advised on how to approach these issues. Even if they do not specialise in these areas, they should be able to put you in touch with a lawyer who can.

To find legal service providers near you, search through our Legal Channel for guides and list of legal professionals.

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