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Property law underpins our entire industry. Without a good understanding of the legalities of commercial properties, it can be difficult to manage a successful portfolio. 

Whether you're an investor, landlord or tenant, The Landsite has tax and legal advice from specialist lawyers and commercial teams across the UK to help you take your next steps.

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21st May 2020
Why We're Solicitors For Developers With Vision
Posted by Coles Miller

When a church is demolished, it is more than an architectural tragedy. It is as if something has been torn from us. Lost forever, leaving only fading memories.

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19th May 2020
Q&A: Commercial rents and the Coronavirus Act 2020
Posted by Ince

Commercial rents and the Coronavirus Act 2020

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18th May 2020
Tenant alterations - A word of warning from the Supreme Court
Posted by Ince

Tenant Alterations : a stark reminder to landlords and tenants to carefully review the terms of the lease when a request for consent to make alterations is made by a tenant

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13th May 2020
How Does Equity Release Work?
Posted by Coles Miller

Most people have heard of equity release but few really understand how it works or how to go about it.  To help you, here is a jargon-free step-by-step guide to explain the process of unlocking the wealth you have in the value of your home.

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11th May 2020
Applications for Consultant Roles More Than Double During COVID-19 Pandemic

The consultant-led law firm Setfords Solicitors has seen a large spike in applications as the impact of COVID-19 is felt across the traditional legal industry

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23rd April 2020
How to Increase Cyber Security During COVID-19
Posted by Coles Miller

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, more people find themselves needing to turn to technology in order to complete everyday tasks such as shopping and meeting with friends.

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