Employment Opportunities in the Real Estate Industry Post Pandemic

Published by The Landsite on 31st December 2020 -


The pandemic has had a devastating impact on the jobs market, with 820,000 fewer employees on company payrolls in November than in February according to HMRC figures. 

Most companies put their recruitment plans on hold as the country went into lockdown in March, and they switched focus to the logistics of implementing social distancing, home-based working wherever possible and balancing the books. 

Ultimately many companies have been forced to make difficult decisions. Redundancies rose to 370,000 in the three months to October, the most since records began in 1992, according to the Office for National Statistics, pushing the unemployment rate to 4.9%. 

So what does the future look like for employment opportunities in the property industry? The good news is that employers are keen to get their businesses moving again, which means the recruitment industry is seeing a revival in activity specifically within the construction and real estate development sectors. 

Workshop Recruitment, like many companies they found that most sectors went quiet during this year, but now Engineering companies are starting to move forwards again they are gearing up to support their clients and reopening their Engineering and M&E desk, which had to close earlier this year and their own staff furloughed.

But the jobs market is more competitive than it's ever been, with qualified and skilled talent back on the market it seems employers are spoilt for choice. "Woah. Have you seen the number of job application we have received!?" — a quote from Broomham Recruitment who are seeing a massive rise in applications for vacancies. 

For individuals seeking a new role, it's going to be tough – plus, given the current economic climate.  Post pandemic, the expectation is that salaries will be negatively impacted. 

But from an employer's perspective, job seekers are looking for more too. Financially, they may have to accept a salary reduction, but this year has seen a revolution in how we all work. Prospective candidates are now prioritising job security, technological support, flexible working and more. How and where we work has never been rated so highly by people, and employers will need to step up. 

Clayton Recruitment acknowledges that the pandemic has been catastrophic in many ways, but has also been the catalyst for positive change.  They have spent this year working on their client services; specifically the value they can offer employers whether or not there are currently recruiting;  for example by identifying skills gaps, uncovering business needs, creating business plans, and filling talent pipelines.  

Construction was one of the fastest industries to reopen after the first lockdown. The sector saw an upsurge in jobs between March and August, primarily due to more short-term positions being available, but there is concern that the industry will lose much-needed talent like that recruited by AJP Recruitment who specialise in the fields of Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy if people don't get the chance to commit to longer-term roles. 

The recruitment industry has been hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis. In fact, it has seen its steepest decline since the 2009 global economic crash. But it's bouncing back as it has a vital role to play in recovery; mobilising the UK's workforce and assisting their clients in adjusting to new ways of recruiting and the meeting candidates expectations. 

If you're an employer or prospective candidate, The Landsite gives you access to recruitment consultancies working within all areas of the real estate industry and property market from architecture to legal, from engineering to design.  Our network lists thousand of property employment opportunities nationwide.  Why not take a look, you never know, the right job might be waiting for you here. 

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