Struggling with Work & Home Life Balance?

Posted by The Landsite on 16th July 2020 -


After nearly 4 months many people are struggling with WFH (Working From Home) an acronym many of you will be familiar with by now! 

Lockdown is slowly easing for many of us, however a large proportion of the work force continue to work from home. So how are we to continue with this temporary situation without going nuts? One word - routine. By having a routine during the working week you will have structure to your day. It may sound dull but it actually works.  

Here are 6 top tips for remaining positive and productive whilst working from home.  

1. Re-arrange furniture

Try to create a clean and tidy space as your work place. Whether it's the kitchen table or a desk in the spare room, by maintaining a clean and spacious work place this will help you psychologically until your office reopens. Why not position a desk near a window to allow as much light in as possible. Our Wellness and Feng Shui expert So Feng Shui has some great advice on positioning furniture to gain the most from your home work environment. 

2. Set and stick to boundaries 

If possible keep your work place separate. With many households nowadays there can be entire families working and studying from home. If possible, close the door to your work place for privacy. 

We’ve all seen plenty of examples of family members interrupting Zoom and Skype calls. This also creates a boundary between work and home life. 

3. The Pomodoro Technique

Have you heard of this? Perhaps not. The technique advises after 25 minutes at your desk, stand up and move around for 5 minutes. 

Research has found that this can more beneficial than taking longer breaks less frequently.  

If you are not in self-isolation and its possible, try to take 15 mins period breaks throughout the day to go for a quick walk outside to get some fresh air. 

A change of environment even for a short period of time can help re-energise you enormously.  This is very important for those of us who struggle with the effects of cabin fever.

4. Get Dressed

Mentally prepare yourself during week days, by getting washed and dressed each morning. By following a routine of getting up, getting dressed this can replicate the work day which we all followed before lockdown. Afterall we are not on holiday and work has to continue. 

At the end of the work day, change into casuals as this in turn informs your brain the working part of the day is over and it’s time to wind down.  

5. Home Lighting 

Not many of us have the same strong lighting found in most offices in our own homes. However we can benefit from the natural daylight. Make sure you open blinds or curtains and allow as much natural light in as possible. 

Luckily it’s summer so open those windows, take some deep breaths of fresh air in to stop you feeling sluggish.  

6. Plants 

You may end up talking to them - it’s very common to grow close to plants same as pets so don’t worry you are not going mad!. Surrounding and caring for plants is not only rewarding, it can improve the work atmosphere which you’ve created at home. 


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