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Published by The Landsite on 5th October 2020 -


Have you ever had trouble finding professional services for a property or land you have recently found online? 

At The Landsite, we want to make it really easy for you to find the property related service you are looking for whatever service that may be.   

That’s why we’ve created this innovative platform where you can get everything you need under one roof.

But what makes us different? What makes The Landsite unique? We offer you a network of professionals from all sectors of the property industry alongside properties, land and investment opportunities throughout the country.  

How to find industry professionals and properties using The Landsite?

It’s all really very simple. We’ve cut it down into two easy steps for you:

1. Visit our website

Go to The Landsite and then click Find Professionals or Find Properties at the top of the page, depending on which one you want to search for.

2. Search and scroll through the listings 

Find a professional, property or job that you like by scrolling down the screen. Your results can be filtered to make things easier.

Property filters: Property for sale or rent, property type, minimum and maximum cost and location.

Professional filters: Professional type, keywords and location.

Job filters: Job Type, min salary and location and range.

These filters and our extensive listings allows you to find exactly what you need quickly and easily.  Once you’ve got it, click through to the property or job listing or business profile to get more information.

But there’s more!

You’ll see as you scroll through the properties page, you will notice beside the properties ‘Next Steps – Find Professionals in your search area’. 

What Does This Mean? 

These categories are generated based on your search location, for example; if you search for a property in Hull and you require a developer to help with your project, you can search and find the property and at the same time find notable developers working in or around Hull who can help you with your project – all on The Landsite.  

Alternatively, should your property require architecture and design work, simply click on the property you are interested in and select ‘Architecture & Design’ for architecture and design studios willing to work in the specified search area. 

Not only is it a tool for business professionals to network with other industry professionals but it’s user friendly and accessible to absolutely everyone. 

There’s still more...

We also have dozens of recruitment agencies onboard.   We list thousands of jobs all within the property industry and in dozens of different sectors within the industry.   The job search option built in the platform allows the user to scroll through thousands of job opportunities throughout the country and make contact with the agency for the job posted.

We are growing and there’s so much more on the way for The Landsite – stay tuned.

For more details about The Landsite members, visit The Landsite Professional Services today.

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Tracey Assal

Online Property Platform Connecting ALL Sectors of the Property Industry

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