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Finding reliable designers for your project can be a difficult, often time-consuming task. Whether you’re looking to collaborate with architectural designers, garden designers, pool installation experts, kitchen design companies, or any other designers required for your project, it’s imperative you get the right specialist for the job.  

As an essential part of the property market, designers are hired to help create innovative solutions for any sized project. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your search for the right designer easier, you’re in the right place.

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By searching our design businesses on The Landsite, you’re able to gain access to a large portfolio of members in architecture, design and interiors, landscape design and outdoor swimming pool builders. With options to filter your search to fit your needs, finding the right specialist for your project has never been so easy.

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Lally Walford Interiors Lally Walford Interiors offer a comprehensive interior design service, tailor-made to meet your specific requirements.
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Home and Garden Design Companies Articles and Posts

6th December 2021
New Home Set Up
Furnishing an empty home..
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6th December 2021
Looking for Landscaping Services?
Posted by R&J Landscapes
Services include; Hard landscaping, soft landscaping, domestic landscaping services - learn more about these types of services 
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6th December 2021
The Conference of the Trees: Making a Statement with Greenery
Posted by Scotscape
The Conference of the Trees for COP26 in Glasgow was a concept that was first discussed with Es Devlin’s design team and the New York Times shortly after the Forest for Change was installed at Somerset House in June 2021.
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3rd December 2021
Decorating Hallways Can Often Seem Like a Daunting Task
But as the entrance to your home and gateway to the majority of rooms within in it - there’s a huge opportunity to make it a space that brings you a sense of joy upon entering.
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29th November 2021
10 Tips for Creating Your Own Home Office
Whether you’re working remotely out of choice or due to government intervention, getting your home office in order is a must
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27th November 2021
Snow is Good! (Yes, Really!)
Posted by Outdoor Creations
Granted it’s never guaranteed we’ll get any, despite the annual rumours it will be the worst winter in the history – but we thought we’d reassure you that if we do get a covering of the white stuff, there’s no need to worry! 
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