What is Dopamine Décor?

Posted by House Designer on 3rd October 2023 -


Interior design trends are constantly evolving, one minute the focus is Scandi minimalism and next homeowners are encouraged to plaster their walls with bold colours and intricate wallpaper! Dopamine Décor is a new design trend expected to take precedence in 2024, so what is it exactly?

In essence, Dopamine Décor is a feel-good design style that encourages homeowners to bring styles into their homes that they are drawn to, ultimately creating a home that fills them with joy. Whilst this typically involves vibrant colours and eclectic patterns that are full of personality, Dopamine Décor focuses on how the space makes you feel rather than the items inside of it.

As Kati Curtis explains to Homes & Gardens, ‘The essence of dopamine decor lies in its personalisation and individuality for each homeowner. Colour, texture, and composition become powerful tools for designers to evoke feelings of warmth and happiness in a space. Whether it’s through carefully selected colour schemes, pattern mixes, or thoughtful arrangements, the goal is to create an environment that resonates with the homeowner on a personal level. Ultimately, dopamine decor aims to create spaces that go beyond aesthetics and truly connect with the emotions and memories of those who inhabit them.’

Here are some décor tips that encapsulates this design style:

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