Magical kitchen extension and garden studio in Dalston

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This kitchen extension and garden studio to an east London maisonette were designed very much with, as well as for, its clients as they were both architects!

They wanted an innovative design for an extension to provide an open kitchen dining room with views out to the garden. The space was fairly limited and so the answer came through the innovative roof structure which draws inspiration from the ribs of a boat and the reverse pitch on the full height window at the end enhances the views into the garden. The long timber ribs of the structure draw your eye long them towards the garden and so gives a feeling of additional height and length.

In the garden sits a prized garden studio and workshop, with its raw finish it expresses its functional use.

“We just moved into our newly refurbished and extended home and we just love it. The details have all come together so amazingly and we couldn’t be happier. Your work and attention to detail is noticed by everyone who comes in we can’t recommend you enough.”


Jude Tugman

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