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The rapid advancement of technology, particularly in the real estate sector, has been remarkable. Property technology, although a relatively recent trend, is profoundly influencing the future of real estate by transforming how we perceive, buy and sell properties.

Embracing innovative elements such as virtual reality tours, smart home technology, and automated infrastructure, property technology is a dynamic trend that continues to evolve.

Whether you're a house builder, property manager, or any other industry specialist seeking to integrate cutting-edge technology into your work, you've come to the right place.

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London Build The UK's leading & largest construction returns to Olympia London Nov 20th & 21st 2024
Sky Homes The UK's leading television, entertainment and communications specialists. We connect with audiences in innovative ways, to create value in the property market by bringing content & products people love, to the heart of their home - when they need them most.

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21st March 2024
The Landsite Media Partners for London Build 2024
Posted by The Landsite
For the third year running, The Landsite continues its media partnership with London Build 2024
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28th February 2024
Will AI Take Over the Commercial Property Industry?
Posted by The Landsite
Have you noticed how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is really shaking things up in the commercial property industry?
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16th February 2024
Pragmatic Semiconductor Doubles Floorspace
Posted by UK Property Forums
British semiconductor maker Pragmatic Semiconductor has doubled its floorspace at Cambridge Science Park by taking an additional 12,500 sq ft.  
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9th February 2024
Artificial Intelligence in Planning and Development
Imagine a future where masterplans and house type packs can be reviewed and tweaked at the click of a button
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5th January 2024
Q&A with Imagineer - How CGI and AI Improve Customer Engagement and Sales
Posted by The Landsite
In our latest episode of quick-fire Q&A's, Ramsey Assal speaks to Angus Norrisss, CEO of Imagineer - experts in architectural visualisation, 3D rendering, and immersive VR 360 experiences
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20th October 2023
How CGI is Transforming the Property Industry
Posted by The Landsite
Property CGI continues to revolutionise real estate marketing
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