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With over 100 properties and an aggressive property development schedule, cashflow and time are valuable resources to continually move the business forward.

Joe Fogel, Owner and Managing Director of House Group Developments, invests and develops both commercial and residential properties, turning beautiful high street buildings into state-of-the-art apartments.

Starting his journey from a single cottage, Joe now has an impressive 100+ properties and still growing. His portfolio has an eclectic mix of buildings including an old night club converted into 18 units, with a bar kept as a nod towards its heritage.

The business prides itself on quality builds and providing an excellent experience to their tenants. Their average tenancy is around 24 months, with an occupancy rate of 97%. They have been able to minimise voids to around 6 days. All of this takes time, attention to detail, and organisation.

Like many landlords, Joe has been managing his properties through a mix of solutions including:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Accounting software Sage
  • Repair reporting and maintenance management software Fixflo

Having tried a couple of different landlord management apps, Joe was not satisfied with the solutions based on price increases and lack of new feature updates. Joe was looking for an appthat could grow with his business. It was important that, based on user feedback, new features were made available on a regular basis.

Why Alphaletz?

Joe made the move to Alphaletz in August 2021 based on these three key elements:

1. Ability to incorporate new features based on user feedback

“I played around with a trial account, and I made a list of things I wanted. With my experience of using different apps, I needed a mix of things. I sent my wish list to the Alphaletz team and within a short time they were able to do much of what I needed. The customer service has been excellent.”

2. Automation to improve on-time rent payments

“With the email reminders I’ve seen an improvement on rent payments plus it’s saving me time from manually checking and emailing tenants for overdue payments.”

3. The Experience!

“The dashboard is really helpful. When the bank asks me ‘where are you with your income?’ I can look at the dashboard and see how much rent I have received and how much is due. I could find this information out before, but it took me more time. The dashboard summary makes it easy to find out this information.”
“The way information is presented is good. Alphaletz is nice, clean, and simple to use.”


Richard Jackson

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