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KLT Filtration Ltd. - Coldstream Filters

KLT Filtration Ltd. - Coldstream Filters

Residential, commercial high performing ceramic (not plastic) water filters and filtration systems that are produced in the UK using renewable energy. NSF tested and certified. Our filters ensure water is fully decontaminated, (includes PFAS) and tastes great.
Sustainably produced
High performance
Sustainable materials
Business Overview


About us

KLT Filtration Ltd manufacture the Coldstream brand of water filters and purifiers and is the result of over three years of product development supported by more than two decades of experience in ceramics technology. The end product is a truly innovative range of high-performance ceramic water filters.

The Coldstream brand offers a comprehensive range of high performance water filters to suit the increasing worldwide demand for cleaner, better tasting water. We make a selection of models to fit all leading systems currently available, including our own range of above or below the counter systems and suitable also for off grid units.

What we do

We manufacture a range of ceramic water filters using specially developed manufacturing techniques and unique ceramic formulas to create products that are the most effective at removing the widest range of contaminants found in water supplies.

We use the latest analytical techniques to study and analyse the performance characteristics of our ceramics. The knowledge and expertise gained by using this equipment has also given us the capability to microengineer our filters for maximum efficiency.

Our stringent quality control procedures, (NSF standards) ensure that all Coldstream water filters consistently deliver and perform to the highest manufacturing standards.

Manufactured in the UK. Providing clean, safe, affordable drinking water since 2013.