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DCW Insights - Mapping & Titles

DCW Insights - Mapping & Titles

Building on intelligence, Our innovative programme of 'Due Diligence' and wider information services will boost your productivity and project timescales.
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About us

Our innovative SaaS platform, DCW Insights aids the research and identification process for purchasing residential development land to save you time and money. With all key information in one place, the platform aids to dramatically speed up decision-making by up to 80%. 

DCW Insights platform will transform your approach to sourcing and managing land for property development. Access to detailed information and project viability reporting and analysis, that typically takes months, can now be achieved in a matter of minutes. 

Our Mapping allows you to find the land you are searching for by using the street or satellite view. You can easily flip between The Ordinance Survey or Land Registry mapping systems to show size and key information including Land Registry, Flood Risk, Transportation and more. Use the easy zoom in / out while moving around the location to identify further potential developments and property information.

The Planning Map gives you vital information of other local planning developments with links direct to the local authority planning applications. Choose from project size, status and distance from your site with further important relevant information on the contact stage, important dates and more.

Also included in our unique platform is the sales study, enter your own house type and at a click of a button research other similar properties. Complete the appraisal stage adding your costings and you’re ready to complete your personalised tailored report.  

It’s That Simple!

The service includes:

  • Latest planning information and guidelines.
  • Speedy identification of viable development opportunities.
  • Instant local planning feedback, based on your project data.
  • Polygon mapping tool for detailed local build site analysis.
  • Detailed demographic analysis of all UK Postcodes.
  • Multiple project management with ‘on the go’ functionality.
  • Dynamic financial metrics & cost to build modelling.
  • Property template creation with schedules based on local data.
  • Land purchase tracking, and preliminary build costs as a percentage or per unit.
  • Work scheduling and instruction of architects, planners and contractors.
  • Video collaboration sets up instant stakeholder meetings regardless of location.
  • On-going project cost control, monitoring, and final value calculator.

Software integrated intelligence. DCW Insights is a subscription-based service that provides highly secure, easy-to-use functionality that totally reconstructs the property development process. Buy better, build faster!