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DCW Group - Property Consultants

DCW Group - Property Consultants

Whether you’re a developer, private investor or a corporate institution, you can benefit from our wide range of consultancy and planning services.
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About us

We help private enterprise and public sector organisations investigate and assess the sale or purchase of land for development, along with end to end planning and development service options.

Property development projects generally follow a series of logical steps. Each one forms a gateway to the next one, with checks and balances along the way, to ensure viability and progress. 


The sourcing and acquiring of land, leads to the obtaining of relevant permissions and regulations, along with investigations into any relevant schemes, grants, and subsidy opportunities. Using our latest software of 'Due Diligence' and wider information services, it will boost your productivity and project timescales. The DCW Insights platform transforms the approach to sourcing and managing land for property development.

Tendering & Construction

We manage, advise and guide clients through the tendering and the selection process to find the right construction partner for your project.  

Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing completion stage is where the reality of the project is finally realised, and all the hard work, investment and innovation is turned into a profit.

When you work with DCW Group you’re in safe hands, we’ve a proven track record with years’ experience helping clients overcome the complexities of research, viability, design, and unit delivery. Let us overcome the headaches and roadblocks that typically threaten the viability of projects due to time pressures and delays in sourcing vital information.

Some Key Features to assist you all in one place to dramatically increases business agility and speed of decision-making.

Latest planning information and guidelines.

Speedy identification of viable development opportunities.

Instant local planning feedback, based on your project data.

Detailed demographic analysis of all UK postcodes.

Dynamic financial metrics & cost to build modelling.

Land purchase tracking, and preliminary build costs as a percentage or per unit.

Work scheduling and instruction of architects, planners and contractors.

Ongoing project cost control, monitoring and final value calculator.