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Resi – Finance & Brokerage

Resi – Finance & Brokerage

Project financing with the UK’s leading architectural practice for everyday homeowners.
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Business Overview


About us

Resi may have started small, but we’ve quickly risen to become the UK’s leading architectural service.

The team covers all aspects of the business from design, engineering, marketing, customer service, finance and, of course, architecture. Together we believe that everyone deserves to create their own happy space. What our founders started, our ever-growing team helps expand.

Financing for your project

We help nail down your budget before finding you the right finance options and insurance for your project.

What to expect

With Resi, money is one less thing to worry about. We work closely with you to define what budget you’ll require, before helping you navigate financing your project. Resi Finance is our in-house finance team, which has access to over 90 lenders to ensure you get the right advice. Not only this, when it comes to building your home, our advisors scout out the right insurance so you’re protected now and in the future.

How it works


Once your designs are confirmed, we’ll work with you to provide a professional estimate on everything from timings, labour required, and cost of materials - giving you a detailed break down of the budget you’ll need.


Once we’ve got a good idea of your requirements, our advisors will be on hand to advise on funding your project. Whether this means moving around your savings or even re-mortgaging your home, we’ll find a route that’s tailored to you.


If you decide on re-mortgaging your home, our in-house finance team will not only work with your existing provider, they’ll also explore hundreds of other options, providing expert advice and the right deal for you.


Insurance is vital not just for your build but in the years that follow. To protect your investment, our advisors will provide expert recommendations on which policies are right for you.

The Resi difference...

Only at Resi can you get mortgage advice married together with architectural. All too often, high street lenders will fail to consider the value you’ll add to your home when they lock you in, meaning you could end up paying thousands in unnecessary interest.

Our thoughtful approach means you still get the funds you need but at an interest rate that works for you. Not only that - our specialist insurance advice means the money you do spend is well protected.