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5th October 2021
Confidence Returns for Hotel and Leisure Construction Sector
Confidence is returning to the hotel and leisure construction sector following the pandemic-induced declines experienced over the past 18 months.
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9th September 2021
Top Performing Regions
Regional league table of underlying main contract awards (under £100m) identifies the top performing regions to focus on for new work. 
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6th August 2021
Glenigan Index of Construction-Starts to End of July 2021
Project-starts continue to fall, but non-residential project-starts slow the decline   
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21st July 2021
Construction Output Predicted to Return to Pre-COVID Levels by 2022
The central predication is that construction output will return to pre-COVID levels by 2022.
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19th June 2021
Contractors Winning Big in May
As construction project-starts continue to bounce back after the turbulence of the last year it's encouraging to see that the pipeline for contractors is firming up again too
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2nd June 2021
Industrial Construction Project-Starts Up 54%
Industrial construction project-starts achieved 54% growth during the three months to May compared to the same period last year, 101% compared to the preceding three months, and 26% growth compared to the same period two years ago.
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1st June 2021
Construction Industry Recovery Gaining Momentum
18% Increase in project-starts during the three months to April
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14th May 2021
Industrial Construction Project-Starts Up 85%
Industrial construction project-starts achieved the greatest growth of any sector during the three months to April, with the number of starts rising 85% against the previous year and 68% compared to the preceding three months, and even more encouragingly, 16% up on two years ago.
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4th May 2021
Confidence Returns with Surge in Contract Awards
The construction industry will be breathing a sigh of relief as client confidence returns with a surge in construction contract awards in March.
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12th April 2021
Exponential Demand Drives New Data Centre Construction
The stay at home rule, and the resultant change to our working practices, plus the massive increases in home streaming and online shopping has put enormous pressure on data centres and is driving significant investment in new data centre construction.
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28th January 2021
Infrastructure Construction Paving the Way for Post-Pandemic Connections
As the coronavirus vaccines start to roll out across the country, it’s heartening to know that infrastructure construction projects are going ahead which will help make our, soon to be regained freedom, more enjoyable, easier to travel through, and more connected
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25th January 2021
Top 10 MMC Construction Projects to Work On in 2021
As modern methods of construction (MMC) become increasingly popular for clients, architects and contractors looking for faster ways to deliver projects
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30th December 2020
Glenigan Acquired by Byggfakta Group
December 15th 2020: Today we can announce that Glenigan has been acquired by Byggfakta Group, subject to European Commission Competition Approval.
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13th December 2020
Boom for London Office Buildings Waiting in the Wings
Analysis of planning approvals for new London office buildings by Glenigan, shows that the office development pipeline is rising rather than falling.
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10th December 2020
The Health Infrastructure Plan Creates £2.7bn Opportunity for Construction
The Health Infrastructure Plan is underway and provides the construction industry with six confirmed major hospital project opportunities worth £2.7 billion to be delivered by 2025.
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30th October 2020
Demand for Film and TV Studios Creates Huge Construction Opportunities
No doubt we’ve all noticed the lack of new films and TV shows available on the plethora of TV streaming channels over the past 6 months - due to COVID-19 
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11th October 2020
Positive Trends for Construction Post Lock-Down
September’s issue of the Glenigan Construction Review - which reports on construction activity over the previous three months, and looks at planning approvals over the same period - identifies positive trends in activity as the industry has emerged from lockdown, restarted projects, and progressed new projects to site.
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14th September 2020
Is the Development Pipeline Ready for the Staycation Boom?
Since lockdown was eased on 4th July, a huge percentage of us Brits have chosen to staycation rather than venture further afield, due to travel restrictions
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28th August 2020
The Changing Face of Football Stadium Developments
Few projects capture the interest of the general public quite like football stadiums and as we approach the end of an unusual football season, it seems like an appropriate time to take a look at the changing shape of stadium developments in the UK.
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6th August 2020
Impact of Lockdown and Positive Signs of Recovery
Construction work is recovering after the impact of lockdown with less disruption to site work, more project-starts, and more contract awards anticipated as the industry gets back to work.
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10th July 2020
Government Announces New Measures To Get Construction Moving Again
Following last week's announcement by the government to Build, Build, Build today, the chancellor, Rishi Sunak, outlined further stimulus in the forms of a furlough bonus, a stamp duty holiday and a £3bn green building plan to get construction moving again.
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2nd July 2020
PM Boris Johnson announces plans to Build Build Build
PM Boris Johnson has announced plans to build, build, build with the most radical reforms to our planning system since the Second World War, making it easier to build better homes where people want to live.
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7th April 2020
Flood defences construction continue despite Covid-19
Flood defences construction is one sector which is likely to remain buoyant through the COVID-19 crisis - if sites remain open.
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19th March 2020
Improvement in health construction following Budget
Spending on health construction projects is expected to improve this year as more money comes into budgets from central government, and procurement moves forward on major schemes.
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13th March 2020
2020 Budget and what it means for construction
Industry data experts Glenigan look at the construction forecast as this year’s Budget places a welcome and long overdue emphasis upon greater investment in the nation’s infrastructure and built environment.
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10th March 2020
Construction on new cruise terminals
The construction of new cruise ship terminals at key port sites in the pipeline. 
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5th March 2020
New wave of hotel construction aimed at home market
Construction of UK budget hotels to cater for UK cost conscious market rather than overseas visitors.     
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18th February 2020
Scottish Construction set for boost
Industry data experts Glenigan look at the construction forecast for Scotland as they anticipate a rise of 14% in 2020.
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12th February 2020
London office construction set for rise
Developers seek to take advantage as industry data experts Glenigan look at the construction forecast for London office space. 
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11th February 2020
Rising Investment within construction of leisure facilities
Industry data experts Glenigan look at the construction forecast as leisure facilities meet the growing demand. 
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17th December 2019
What does a majority Conservative Government mean for the construction Industry?
What does a majority Conservative government mean for construction over the next two years? And what new opportunities will campaign policy changes mean for businesses looking for growth, and stability?
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14th December 2019
Construction under the Conservatives
What does a majority Conservative government mean for the UK construction industry? Read Glenigans 2020-2021 Construction Industry Forecast 
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6th December 2019
Brexit & Construction: Where are the opportunities for business?
Construction is experiencing some of the most challenging conditions since the last recession, but amid this turbulence, where are the opportunities for business, and what should firms be focusing on to ensure success in this challenging market? Watch our short video to find out.
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4th December 2019
2020-2021 Construction Industry Forecast
Predicting construction activity is no easy task in the current political and economic climate. But for all the current uncertainty, The Glenigan Construction Industry Forecast for 2020 and 2021 highlights a series of bright spots across the industry which should underpin the growth of new activity in the years ahead.    
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29th November 2019
Plans have been unveiled for a 36-storey tower in the City of London featuring a huge green wall.
Designed by architect Eric Parry, the building will give the impression of a hanging garden across the facade, pioneering extensive urban greening in the City.
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20th November 2019
West Midlands Leads The Way in Housebuilding Within Construction Sector
The number of new homes starting construction only rose in three of the UK’s dozen regions in the third quarter of this year.
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19th November 2019
London hotel construction to defy Brexit gloom
Investment is waiting in the wings to fund a fresh wave of London hotel construction according to a new study.
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19th November 2019
Student housing pipeline gets merger boost
The student housing pipeline is receiving a boost with the £1.4 billion acquisition by leading developer and operator Unite, of rival Liberty Living.
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7th November 2019
Construction opportunities for television and film sector
Construction opportunities for television and film sector have been untroubled by political upheaval and are being driven by growing budgets for British-made films and TV series. 
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5th November 2019
Military estate construction opportunities
Arguments over the level of UK defence spending will inevitably feature in the General Election. But behind the debate, the signs are that a significant programme of investment in the country’s military estate is generating a good flow of new construction opportunities.
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5th November 2019
Construction investment set for rebound
Whichever party is in office when the political deadlock over Brexit is finally broken, the construction industry stands to benefit from a re-bound in new private business investment, particularly in new commercial and industrial building.
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29th October 2019
Govt. takes practical approach to social housing construction funding request
The government is being “more practical” about the National Housing Federation’s call for a massive new social housing construction funding settlement.
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29th October 2019
M&E work strengthens at leading players
The construction industry remains in a fragile state, but workload is strengthening at leading mechanical and electrical contractors.
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22nd October 2019
Huge residential development opportunities on Govt. land
The swathes of land government acquired for residential development by Homes England offers “huge opportunities” says the head of the regeneration agency.
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10th October 2019
Flexible office construction opportunities
The recent postponement of workspace provider WeWork’s planned stock market floatation should not detract from the spectacular growth of the flexible office sector and the opportunities it creates for flexible office construction work from fitting-out and renovating space.
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9th October 2019
Sunny days continue for new hotel construction
One bright spot where sunny days have continued for the industry since the summer is new hotel construction.
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8th October 2019
Heritage buildings construction opportunities
The government’s recent pledge to inject £95 million into historic high streets across the country has underlined the potential for heritage buildings construction opportunities.
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25th September 2019
Boom in Scottish education construction spending
A £1 billion boom in spending on Scottish schools is gaining pace and set to revive construction work in the country’s education sector.
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25th September 2019
Council construction spending starts to rise
Spending by the leading local authority clients on construction has more than doubled over the past year.
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24th September 2019
2020 uplift for North West construction
The underlying value of construction project starts in the North West has grown consistently since 2016 according to Glenigan’s industry analysis but after a retreat this year, some sectors offer promise.
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12th September 2019
Construction opportunities in the East of England
Away from the vibrant hi-tech development scene around Cambridge, some major construction opportunities in the East of England are emerging in other towns and cities further afield.Significant new commercial, industrial and housing construction projects are taking shape, particularly around growing centres such as Peterborough and Colchester.
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11th September 2019
Taller mobile masts construction potential for digital infrastructure
The recent launch of a government consultation to permit larger and taller mobile masts to be installed without the permission of local councils has highlighted the potential for new mobile masts construction work from upgrades to the country’s digital infrastructure.
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10th September 2019
Urban regeneration construction creating opportunities
The ‘end of austerity’ should help sustain the healthy levels of spending on regeneration projects across Britain’s towns and cities which are proving a good source of new urban regeneration construction work.Schemes to revive urban areas with new residential projects, improved transport and pedestrianised high streets are helping to buoy up public and private sector construction workloads.
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6th September 2019
Social housing construction work set to defy downturn
Work on social housing construction projects is expected to rise over this year and into 2020.Increased support for shared ownership developments that were announced in the last Budget are expected to provide a stimulus. Projects disrupted by the 2017 Grenfell tragedy are also expected to begin moving onto site.
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28th August 2019
Student accommodation construction to defy Brexit uncertainty
Spending on student accommodation construction projects is expected to defy uncertainty over Brexit over the next couple of years.Major projects about to start include a £102 million 533-bed project in Guildford by developer Future Generation, a joint venture between developer Southern Grove and Tadhamon Capital, which has let the work to contractor McAleer & Rushe.
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27th August 2019
Housebuilding buoys Northern Irish construction
After two years without a government due to a political stalemate, the level of public sector construction work is falling as decisions on new projects are deferred. Only one sector has registered a rise in work. This is housebuilding, where activity is increasing at its fastest level for more than two decades.
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15th August 2019
Upturn in private construction in the West Midlands
Construction in the West Midlands has seen an upturn in recent months. Construction on a series of major schemes to provide new industrial and commercial space around Birmingham and other major centres in the area is providing a promising source of work for the industry.
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14th August 2019
City of London new office construction
Political and financial market uncertainty does not seem to have dented developers’ confidence in the capital’s commercial property sector, particularly in the City of London. A series of new project starts and quoted company trading statements point to brighter times for City of London new office construction.
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13th August 2019
Construction for new research space
News that Legal & General is planning two major new science hubs around Oxford has highlighted that construction for new research space opportunities are being created by business spin-outs from universities. The L&G-funded scheme involves two science parks to be built outside the city centre – at Begbrooke and Osney Mead - which will provide space for a plethora of new science-based ventures and will be run by the University of Oxford.
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8th August 2019
Top civil engineers winning work
Royal BAM tops leader board of civil engineers winning work over the past year according to Glenigan’s construction market research.In the 12 months to Q2 2019, Royal BAM’s civil engineering order book totalled nearly £880 million.
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7th August 2019
Boost for pothole repairs but more needed
Extra funding and improved technology is set to improve solutions to the millions of potholes that blight the UK’s local road network and aid pothole repairs.Millions of pounds is being devoted to increasingly hi-tech solutions to the problem of pothole repairs and prevention, but critics argue that a more focused solution is needed.
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6th August 2019
Boost for Welsh education construction sector
Spending of £1.5 billion is expected to materialise for the Welsh education construction sector through a new public private delivery model being set up by the Welsh government to deliver a major new programme of school and college building.The proposals involve a private sector partner entering into a joint venture with the Development Bank of Wales.
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18th July 2019
Gas-Fired Power Station Construction
The drive for renewable energy offers the prospect of some significant projects for civils contractors over the long term as the offshore wind and nuclear power programmes gather pace. But the need to keep the lights burning in the short term and in all weathers is creating significant opportunities for gas-fired power station construction.
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17th July 2019
Museum Construction
News that the government’s department for digital, culture, media and sport has sanctioned extra spending worth £44 million to maintain the UK’s major national museums and galleries bodes well for museum construction.The extra investment will be welcome in a sector which has seen some lean years over the past decade as public spending cuts have hit capital budgets for museum construction. 
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16th July 2019
Airport Construction Opportunities
The recent re-opening of Carlisle Lake District Airport has highlighted a growing investment programme at UK regional airports which is landing some significant new airport construction opportunities.Over and beyond the construction work worth £14 billion which a fourth runway at Heathrow would bring, the expansion of regional airports to cater for growing air passenger numbers is creating a promising source of new airport construction opportunities.
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4th July 2019
Prison construction opportunities
A £1.3 billion programme of prison-building projects by the Ministry of Justice looks set to offer opportunities for contractors but patience will be needed.The MOJ’s biggest project is HMP Wellingborough, which is a £253 million 1,680-place category C prison in Northamptonshire (Glenigan Project ID:  08409307).
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3rd July 2019
Confidence returns to North East Construction
Confidence is slowly returning to the construction industry in the North East, but contractors working there will need to be selective.Glenigan’s market analysis shows that the underlying value of starts in the North East rose 20% last year. This has helped transform a regional industry that was rated the most unstable in the whole of the UK by insolvency body R3 back in 2016.
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2nd July 2019
Boost for modular housing construction
Modular housing work is gaining pace with a series of new deals that are providing a boost for offsite manufacturing in the residential sector.Ilke Homes has won what is believed to be the biggest single modular housing contract with a £100 million deal to supply 750 modular homes for social housing giant, Places for People (Glenigan Project ID: 19181842).
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20th June 2019
Cinema construction to help new developments succeed
As major retailers come under pressure to attract shoppers with leisure-related activities, a growing number of cinema construction projects are being built across the country to help ensure that new developments succeed.Developers are responding to the growing demand for ‘experiences’ at leisure destinations and a revival in the popularity of the big screen. Cinema attendance in the UK exceeded 177 million in 2018, the highest level since 1970.
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19th June 2019
Construction in Yorkshire & Humber
One region which has enjoyed a Spring bounce in new construction activity has been Yorkshire & Humber. Alongside an upturn in private housing and infrastructure, the region is benefitting from new development for the digital and new tech sector, particularly around Leeds.Glenigan Construction data shows that new project starts across Yorkshire & Humber rose 26% in the quarter to May, compared to the period a year earlier.
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18th June 2019
Civils contractors set to start on major highways projects
Prospects for civil engineering contractors are improving thanks partly to an increase in spending on major roads projects around the country. A series of major new Highways England contracts are out for consultation and contractors should benefit from construction work starting on some significant projects in coming months.
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6th June 2019
Glenigan 2019 – 2020 Construction Industry Forecast Live on June 11th
Watch live as Glenigan’s Economics Director Allan Wilén presents his regional and sector construction forecasts for 2019 and 2020.  Date: June 11, 2019 Time: 1pm - 1.45pm    
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4th June 2019
Boost for regional contractors
Regional contractors are benefitting from Carillion’s collapse and the more recent failure of two large regional firms. Over the past year, Forrest and more recently Dawnus have followed Carillion into administration. Instead of national contractors bene
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4th June 2019
South West construction boost
Resurgent residential and infrastructure sectors are expected to kick start a rebound in project starts in the South West this year. Glenigan’s construction research shows that the underlying value of project starts in the South West retreated by 20% last year, but in the three months to April 2019 starts were ahead 4%.
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4th June 2019
Asda and Sainsburys - what now for construction opportunities?
After Asda and Sainsbury’s merger was ruled out by the Competition and Markets Authority in April, Sainsbury’s chief executive officer Mike Coupe warned: “The CMA is … effectively taking £1 billion out of customers' pockets” but will the construction indu
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29th May 2019
Scottish construction to bounce back after poor start
Despite a weak start to 2019, the construction industry in Scotland is expected to recover this year.
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28th May 2019
Construction for the logistics sector gathers pace
Recent major project announcements and an upbeat trading statement from the UK’s largest industrial developer suggests construction activity in the logistics sector has gathered pace in the opening months of this year.
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28th May 2019
Hopes of revival in London office construction
A Spring bounce in new private commercial work has raised hopes that the beginnings of a revival in new office construction could be in prospect, particularly in London.
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