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9th September 2021
Have You Been Struggling With Keeping Track of All Your House Sales?
With Yourkeys, you can track sales progression in real-time across all of your developments.   
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31st August 2021
Removing Silos in the Property Industry
Yourkeys addresses a lot of inefficiencies in the system, automating many of the steps and sending real-time notifications
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9th July 2021
Increasing Conveyancing Efficiency with Yourkeys
How Yourkeys adds value to the house builders' sales team by increasing conveyancing efficiency
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8th July 2021
LinkedIn Live Event: Yourkeys Power Lunch Series
Increasing conveyancing efficiency with Yourkeys
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27th April 2021
Yourkeys is Now a Part of Zoopla
We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Yourkeys by Zoopla, the UK's most comprehensive property destination. 
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3rd March 2021
New Website Launched!
We invite you to take a look at our brand new website explaining all Yourkeys features, information on our amazing integrations with the most popular CRM systems 
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16th February 2021
Hill Group UK - Testimonial
A testimonial from Hill Group UK
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15th February 2021
Yourkeys CRM Integrations
Create a seamless CRM integration with Yourkeys
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8th February 2021
Yourkeys Welcome On-board North Star Yorkshire!
Yourkeys Welcome On-board North Star Yorkshire!
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6th February 2021
Welcome On-board Mantle Developments UK Ltd
Yourkeys welcome on-board Mantle Developments
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5th February 2021
This year, Yourkeys will be supporting Crisis
Yourkeys supports homelessness
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4th February 2021
Reduce Exchange Delays Today
How to reduce development exchange delays
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3rd February 2021
Real-time Development Sale Updates
Development Status Platform Reporting
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