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CGEye ltd

From our beginnings in a converted grain silo back in 2004, we have grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers of high-quality CGI visuals.
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16th September 2021
Students Heading off to University
At CGEye HQ we were thinking about students and those heading off to University! Wouldn't you love digs like these!
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6th September 2021
Minimal Impact Maximum Efficiency!
Another stunning aerial view really makes this development work
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18th August 2021
Focus on Externals - Rendered Exterior
This fantastic rendered exterior is the latest in our focus on externals week!
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9th July 2021
Exterior Visuals That Set the Standard!
Premium-quality visuals for property professionals. Housing, apartments, retail and more.
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7th June 2021
Property Development - An Ariel View
Check out this fantastic aerial as a great way for you to showcase a series of properties in your development.
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24th May 2021
Panelling and Shading
Great use of panelling and shading 
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7th May 2021
Office CGI Imagery
If you are missing the office, check out these amazing CGI's by our talented team! 
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29th April 2021
Commercial Development in CGI Form
Showcase your development in CGI form
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27th April 2021
CGEYE - Cutouts for Housing & Developments
Cutouts can help you plan out your dream home or see what could be in a development. 
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6th April 2021
CGeye and CGI
This fantastic CGI really makes the houses stand out!
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17th March 2021
Showcase Your Development with CGI
These fantastic CGI's could be showcasing your development right now!
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9th March 2021
Stunning CGI Visuals
Simply stunning CGI visual by our in house team. Need we say more?
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23rd February 2021
High Quality CGI Images
Who lives in a house like this? Our team did a great job on the finish of this beautiful home!
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10th February 2021
Find Your CGI Requirements Here
This unique development was a pleasure to create for our team of artists!
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16th January 2021
CGEye - Photomontage
Another great use of a photomontage, creating an accurate visual to present how a certain location will look in real life!
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8th January 2021
Photo Realistic House Exterior
A photo-realistic house exterior.
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5th December 2020
It Will Soon Be Here
A Christmas CGI scene, to say there's only 21 days to go before we can try and forget the past 8 months and enjoy ourselves
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Tracey Assal
lovely image!
4th December 2020
CGI Animation, Walkthroughs and Virtual Tours
When one picture is not enough. Create a clearer understanding of space, design or assembly with moving imagery.
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9th November 2020
CGEye - Combining CGI with Photography
Here’s a photomontage image, where we combine CGI with photography.  
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7th October 2020
Here's Another of Our More Unusual Projects!
We haven't visualised many Dutch Barns during our 16 years, and certainly none under a starlit sky......except this one!
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1st October 2020
Learn About Us: cgeye
Market-leading CGI visuals and animation for architecture, product design and more.
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19th September 2020
CGI - A Photo Montage
Here’s an incredible photo montage ~ where we lay a CGI over a real image. Try take a guess at which building is our addition to the photo. (Hint: It’s the one on the left!)
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