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British Property Federation

British Property Federation

The British Property Federation is the membership organisation for, and the voice of, the UK real estate industry.
Business Overview


About us

We represent and promote the interests of all those with a stake in real estate in the UK – owners, developers, funders (equity and debt), agents and advisers.

We work with government and regulatory bodies to help the real estate industry grow and thrive, to the benefit of our members and the economy as a whole. Because our membership is industry wide, we can provide government and regulators with the knowledge they need to make decisions.

Our vision

Our vision is for a vibrant and successful real estate industry, working in partnership with governments to deliver:

Our Annual Review for the year 2017/2018 highlights just some of our recent achievements for the industry and economy.

Get involved with our work

If you are part of an organisation that owns, invests in or manages real estate, or provides professional services to companies that do, find out about benefits of becoming a BPF member.

If you are already a member, find out how you can be more closely involved with what we do.