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Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley is an award winning studio of luxury interior designers based in Chelsea, London dedicated to crafting beautiful, refined luxury interiors for the most discerning clients.
Award Winning
Designer of the Decade
Luxury Interior Design
Business Overview

About Us

Katharine Pooley design studio was established over fourteen years ago. The company has succeeded to create bespoke interiors for the most discerning clients. The company's refined yet eclectic aesthetic has earned a position as one of the most sought-after interior design studios globally. The Katharine Pooley design studio continues to win commissions for landmark commercial and residential projects in London and worldwide.

Design Philosophy

An innate sense of adventure has defined Katharine’s life and shaped her design philosophy. Katharine is an intrepid traveller and has visited 150 countries. However, what may come as surprising is the fact she has many of the world’s highest mountains, driven a team of dogs on a sled to the North Pole and crossed the Sahara on horseback, so a picture of original and adventurous interior designer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an aspiration for the globally elite through an unsurpassable service and an understanding of the ultimate balance between timeless luxury and intelligent design. Our mission is 100% commitment to tailored interior design and luxury home accessories that enrich interior spaces through an exceptionally skilled and personalised service for both residential and commercial clients.

Property Development

Having spent over a decade at the pinnacle of luxury property design and development for clients and projects all over the world the Katharine Pooley development service offers a unique one stop service that is personal, convenient and accountable.

The service can assist with any or every stage of the property development cycle from concept to completion and aims to create the most beautiful residential and commercial properties drawing upon timeless luxury and intelligent design.

Commercial Interior Design

Although known for our high-end residential designs, we have also completed many luxury commercial interior design projects including six airport lounges and a hotel and welcome centre complex in China. Our years of experience and expertise allow us to advise you comprehensively on the maximisation and functionality of any design scheme.

We work alongside full design teams to take a project from concept to completion, bringing skills in architectural and spatial design, lighting, furniture and home automation together to create a space perfect for you and your clients.