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Cashplus is a leading specialist UK digital challenger to banks for small businesses. Since 2005, we’ve created easier ways for more than 1.5m customers to pay, bank and borrow through our user-friendly digital platform.
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We are a leading specialist UK digital challenger to banks for small businesses. We offer faster, smarter, simpler banking services for the entrepreneurs, independent businesses and consumers that power the UK economy, yet by high street banks.

Proving possible

Banking services shouldn’t life, they should enrich it. Although we’re not a bank, we build on 14 years of success, to continue to create the UK’s most seamless banking services experience. From introducing the first UK prepaid card to being the first non-bank to offer a current account. ’ve been offering innovative products to 1.6 million customers long before the new guys showed up.

We understand what our customers needtime and money to run their businesses and live their livesand our secure, innovative products help, where others can’t or won’t.

Leading the fintech revolution before ‘fintech’ was a thing. is the original UK challenger to banks and the only one to become profitable.

For entrepreneurs boldly setting up a new business, savvy online shoppers protective of their personal details and wages, and anyone up to a banking system that has turned its back on them, is the first choice.