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Cashplus is a leading specialist UK digital challenger to banks for small businesses. Since 2005, we’ve created easier ways for more than 1.5m customers to pay, bank and borrow through our user-friendly digital platform.
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We Are Now an Official UK Bank
Our customers have always been our priority and we’re now in an even better position to be a helpful, trustworthy partner that you can always rely on
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Cashplus Completes Successful Repayment of APS Bond Programme
Cashplus, the leading challenger to UK banks, today announced the repayment and closure of its successful mini-bond programme APS Bonds.  The repayment of the four-year bond sees over £1.1m returned to retail investors who also received fixed returns of 7% PA over the life of the bond.
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Multiple digital current accounts for Limited Company Landlords
Landlords needing quick set up of business current accounts to manage their properties?
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