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Off The wall Recruitment

Off The wall Recruitment

Off The Wall Recruitment is an independent recruitment company based in London and Essex who work across a large number of industry sectors. We think recruitment should be managed by people, not numbers. We tailor our solutions to you.
Here to help you
Family Run Business
Recruitment Experts
Business Overview

Off the Wall Recruitment is a family run business that is here to help.

Help YOU finally find that role you keep telling your friends you want.

Help YOU hire the right staff that actually care about your business, are conscientious and are the perfect fit for what your company needs.

Off the Wall is not all about us and our impeccable record of CV’s to Interview ratio, our candidates that stay in their new jobs forever because it’s just right for them to be there, our flawless Customer Service, our relentless desire to go the extra mile and make sure every single one of our clients and candidates are looked after, happy and generally just love working with us…it’s not about any of that at all. It genuinely is about YOU!

What could be better than finally finding a recruitment company that gets it? It’s all about understanding and communication. That alone makes for a great relationship in any situation, right? If you know what you want or need, tell us the story; it will be understood and we will help you achieve it! Simple really.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

— Confucius