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The Southern Sustainability Partnership

The Southern Sustainability Partnership

Driving Corporate Sustainability, Environmental Management and Social Value in the Private and Public Sector - Through Consultancy, Events and Services.
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We are the Southern Sustainability Partnership, a platform empowering organisations to change

Our partnership is designed to disrupt a 'business as usual' agenda. Why? Because reducing the environmental footprint of our businesses is among the most important topics of our time. We achieve this, in part, by creating events your business cannot afford to miss...on the topics your business cannot afford to ignore. 

In short, we help future-proof organisations while they help shape the planet - one sustainability project at a time. We also acts as disrupter through consultancy, supplier directory and education channel...in support of both the public and private sector. 

We believe it's only by creating a platform for collaboration, open discussion and sharing of knowledge...matched with an ability to see and touch the solutions available that real change can be made

THE UK IS THE WORLD’S FIRST MAJOR ECONOMY TO RESPOND TO THE IMPACTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE BY SETTING A TARGET TO BECOME NET-ZERO CARBON BY 2050. The Big Sustainability Expo is designed to support the part organisations, in both the public and private sector, are playing in helping the UK reach this target.

For the UK to thrive, we need our organisations to thrive. Lack of action towards the reduction of the carbon impact of your business now will seriously undermine its future. A visit to the 2021 Expo will clearly demonstrate … it’s not just the right thing to do for the planet … it’s the smart thing to do to ensure the future of your business.

LET’S GET CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS AGAIN! New year, new venue – same drive to deliver another dynamic event. And, this year we are putting the spotlight firmly on corporate sustainability with events running from dawn till dusk!

28th October 2021 - 9.30am to 4.00pm
St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton


Join the UK March to NET ZERO