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Save Energy UK

Since 2005 we have delivered cheaper, more efficient Energy Solutions tailored to You, Your Lifestyle & Your Home or Business...We've enjoyed nearly 15 years of helping our Customers Save Energy - helping them reduce their bills and enjoy a greener lifestyle
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Save Energy UK- Solar Thermal Heating & Hot Water
Since 2005, we have completed hundreds of Solar Thermal Installations across Dorset & Hampshire and, as the technology has advanced, we have updated our product ranges to only use the most efficient solar collectors and system components to help our customers maximise their energy generation and achieve an ever-increasing Return on Investment.
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A Guide to Commercial Solar PV Systems
Commercial Solar Photovoltaic / PV systems with efficient battery storage will allow you to generate most or all of the energy your business needs, save you money and protect your company from unpredictable rising energy costs.Business Energy tariffs are often a major factor on your businesses bottom line costs and a major obstacle to achieving maximum profit.
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