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UK based architecture visualisation experts, hyper-realistic CGI renderers, FPV Aerial drone flythroughs, Video, 360º virtual tours for residential and commercial property.
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Virtual Tours
CGI Renders / Flythroughs
  • Expertise, experience and support

    The expertise, experience, and support from the team at Imagineer Consulting have been exceptional. Angus has helped us think differently by using clever design and technology to deliver some remarkable results. It has been a real pleasure working with the team and we look forward to future projects.

    David Lloyd Health Clubs
  • Virtual Property Tour Experience

    Our company Kensington commissioned Angus and his team to take on a multi unit property tour project for our second phase beach resort. Not yet in build phase we needed to visualise it alongside completed first phase. Angus took the project on, which featured over 1,000 units, as well as the landscaping abd facilities features. He has worked really hard to help us bring the project to life, both with 3D and 360 capability, and along with our internal and external architect teams, has produced fantastic results.

    Angus also had to progress the project without me helping to project manage and act as linchpin as I left the company some way through!

    Thanks Angus for your perseverance and striving to squeeze the best out of this project! Rachel.

    Kensington Cyprus
  • New campaign group - needed a website and Imagineer delivered.

    Angus's passion for the local area meant he stepped in the minute he heard we needed a website to support our newly formed action group. He took my very functional proposed layout and content, and made it come alive through his impactful design.

    Articulating the scale of the proposed scheme to local residents was always going to be a challenge. Using drone footage and a clever ‘flyover’ video he successfully managed to do that and make the home page stand out. The overall design looks really professional and we have received so many positive comments. Most important it gave a recently formed action group the credibility and platform upon which to campaign. The design continues to be iterative as we traverse through the planning process, but Angus is always there to meet every challenge we put to him.

    Mallard Pass Solar Farm
  • Professionals equipped with high communication skills…

    Professionals equipped with high communication skills. So it was easy and pleasure to work with. The final job is of highest quality, as well.

    Architect - Kensington Cyprus
  • Finally, an archviz team that takes creative risks

    I assisted Imagineer on a real-time architectural visualization project this past Summer. Their approach was absolutely unique, innovative, and highly respectable. To be honest, you don't often find an archviz team proposing a project that's a little "outside the box." As a trained architect, that's exciting! They were a pleasure to communicate with, and I'd highly recommend them to future clients and colleagues.

    Architect - Aiden Newsome
  • The perfect architectural CGI team!

    Imagineer continue to impress! The quality of their CGI renders, branded animation content and digital expertise are of the highest quality. The work they have completed for Foodbridge has been exemplary. We will certainly continue to partner with Imagineer on future projects.

    Edward Baker - Foodbridge FSG