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EEBS provides an HMRC compliant alternative to costly employment for UK construction companies.
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Business Overview

About us

EEBS - THE CIS payroll protect UK construction firms from HMRC reclassifying sub-contractors as employees. Allowing contractors to match workforce to workload, whilst remaining both compliant with their employment and tax responsibilities in relation to their use of self-employed sub-contractors, and to remain commercially competitive. 

In the 20 plus years that we have operated, our business model has never been challenged. We provide clients with 100% HMRC compliance that is GURANTEED.

Why you need us

Contractors face the unenviable task of trying to be both competitive and compliant. Now more than ever before HMRC want tradespeople paid through PAYE rather than as self-employed. Contractors that try to comply with these demands face huge increases in labour costs, an end to flexibility where they can no longer match workforce to workload, as well as major resistance from sub-contractors unwilling to risk lower earnings and the greater constraints of employment.

Working with EEBS you will benefit from industry leading bespoke solutions that gives you complete freedom to match your workforce to your business requirements. Our approach to due-diligence is proven, comprehensive, cost effective and tested by HMRC to be fully compliant. You remain competitive, flexible, and in charge and we guarantee to keep it that way with our ongoing program of reviews and updates.

Your business is subject to a series of current, planned and potential risks including:

  • HMRC Status Review
  • Employment Costs
  • Employment Rights
  • CIS Administration & Penalties
  • IR35 Legislation

Solutions we offer

EEBS provide a range of bespoke solutions to Construction industry contractors, based on the specific business needs of each client. Our primary objectives are to help contractors maintain a flexible, cost-effective workforce, and to maintain compliance with all their legislative responsibilities.

Our range of solutions are tailored to each client’s needs, and depend on the outcome of our two-stage assessment process. Book your FREE Health Check.

You could be fined if HMRC decides to reclassify your sub-contractors as employees.

Protect your business from IR35, HMRC & Employment Rights Claims. Be informed, Be compliant, Be one step ahead, work with EEBS.