Dedicated case service helps complete £1.69m development

Published by West One on 10th March 2023 -


In unique circumstances, West One’s customer-led approach can offer a quick and smooth journey. This is a result of our team’s vast experience coupled with each client having a dedicated portfolio manager who is committed to building relationships and developing a thorough understanding of each individual case.

This case study shows how West One were able to navigate around the circumstances and complexities of a deal through their dedicated case management approach. The deal had a tight completion turnaround date and meant that the team needed to work closely with the clients and ensure both parties were satisfied with the terms of the deal.

The case was completed within six working days and the client was able to continue with their project with no further delays.

Loan value - £1.69m

LTV - 65%

Rate - 8%

Loan term - 18 months (12 build + 2 sale)

The Client

The clients were three individual shareholders who were in the process of completing a complex development project with an alternative lender. 

The clients are experienced in developing large development sites having already completed some sites previously.

They saw another opportunity in the market and wanted to continue expanding their portfolio. Therefore, despite the glaring challenges which this project presented itself with, the clients were determined to develop the site into another successful investment.

Completed In: 6 working days

The Situation

The clients purchased a development site through auction and needed access to quick funding to ensure the project did not fall through. Some unforeseen complications arose, limiting the clients’ options and therefore required a lender that were comfortable navigating around such complexities.

It was also important that the clients would be able to access the funding quickly so that they could secure the development site, otherwise the deal would have completely fell through. As West One are known for being flexible, make quick and complex decisions, and have access to secured funding, it was a no-brainer for the clients to turn to them, having already completed previous cases in the past together.

The West One team were more than comfortable to deal with such a case, utilising their dedicated client approach to collaborate with the client carve out any minor details which could potential cause further delay to the deal.

The teams rich experience and expertise within the development finance space gave the client comfort, and both parties communicated with each other throughout the entire process, ensuring no further complications could arise and delay the project further.

An application was sent to the West One team and the case was completed within 6 working days.

Our Solution

West One’s relationship-led approach benefitted this case a lot, as there the client had already experienced reliable and quality service in previous deals with the team. The familiarity with the team meant that the client had a good understanding of what West One required in terms of legal documentation and details to get this deal over the line.

As the portfolio manager understood the urgency needed to finalise the terms of the deal and the needs of the client, they worked closely with the surveyors, valuers, and rest of the team to allow the deal to be completed in time. They kept regular contact with the clients through emails and calls to discuss any further details and consistently offered reassurance that the deal would be complete.


Having dedicated experts meant that there is a clear two-way communication process where the client and the team can collaborate and ensure all complexities are dealt sorted with speed and precision.

Building strong relationships with clients is something that West One finds extreme value in because it allows for a thorough understanding of the complexities of any case. This is especially important when completing large-scaled development projects where there can be countless things which need to be considered in order for a case to be completed.


The West One team were able to look into the complexities of the case and understood the urgency of its delivery. The application process to completion took a total of 6 working days and the client completed a deal worth £1.69m.

Haley McPherson

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