Who is Most Desperate to Return to the Office?

Published by LDG - The Creative Property Agency on 13th September 2021 -


Experts say young people are more eager to return to the office than their older colleagues.

Over the last few months / year, I’ve seen a lot of articles and commentary about “young employees” content working from home and turning their back on offices, but it’s never mirrored with my own experiences when discussing with people, whether friends or meeting people through work. I believe, and agree strongly with this article, that there is an eagerness to return to working collaboratively in an office again, forgetting my own biases working in office agency. What is often misunderstood, especially about working in cities like London, is that most young people chose to live (and move) here to work, socialise, interact and thrive. They want the city living experience. Perhaps they want to stir up working norms to allow more flexible working when needed but overall I think there is recognition that working with people is needed for creativity, learning, mentorships and of course the socialising.

In contrast, my parents’ generation seem more content working from home. This is because they aren’t seeking the same lifestyle and a slower pace of working life does suit them. My mother has adapted quite well to the home office, with cats for colleagues, as have a few of our family friends, going to the office for team catch ups and important meetings. I should add that it’s certainly not a hard and fast rule though, and my Father seems to be enjoying returning to working from an office full time, and he isn’t the only one!

So what’s the common denominator?

Workers, regardless of age, want balance in their working life that is bespoke to them and the office will continue to play a major role in this.

The offshoot of my commentary, is that there is continued demand for offices in London, both through my own work, and that of my industry peers. No one is buying into the journalistic view that it’s all doom and gloom – I’m not sure they believe it themselves!

Daniel Castle

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