Updated right to rent check guidance

Published by Votta Sales & Lettings on 9th October 2019 -


Guidance on conducting right to rent checks on nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the USA who have entered the UK through eGates as visitors has been updated.

Nationals of these countries may enter the UK using eGates and will not have their passports endorsed by a Border Force Officer on arrival.

Those coming for more than six months will have a visa and will receive a biometric residence permit after arrival. Those entering as visitors do not require a visa and will not have UK stamps placed in their passport but will have a right to remain in the UK for six months and are entitled to rent property for this period.


The UK Government have expanded the acceptable evidence list for citizens of these countries to include an original or copy of:

  • a boarding pass, or an electronic boarding pass for air, rail or sea travel to the UK;
  • an airline, rail or boat ticket, or e-ticket;
  • any type of booking confirmation for air, rail or sea travel to the UK; or
  • any other documentary evidence that establishes the date of arrival in the UK.

The evidence of arrival in the UK within the last six months, together with a copy of the person’s passport should be retained by the landlord, including the date the landlord checked these documents, as evidence they have acted in the proper manner. A copy can be a hardcopy, for example a photocopy, or an electronic copy such as a screenshot.

The UK Government is seeking Parliamentary approval to amend the Code of Practice to reflect this change as soon as possible. Until the changes are made, Government will not seek to impose a civil penalty or take prosecution action in cases where landlords have complied with this guidance.

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