Kitchens, Cost and Freedom Sees More Brits Opt for Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

Published by Together on 14th September 2021 -


Demand is growing for serviced apartments with almost three quarters of UK adults valuing their benefits over hotels, research by specialist lender Together today reveals.

People would rather stay in serviced apartments so that they can cook in their own kitchen, have space for friends and family, and come and go as they please, according to the results of a new survey.

Nearly half (47%) of guests favoured serviced apartments so they can make their own meals, while more than a third (34%) feel serviced apartments are more cost-friendly than hotels and 33% like being able to come and go as they please. A quarter like having the extra space to entertain friends and family, instead of what’s available in a standard-sized hotel room.

While hoteliers are showing signs of a strong recovery now that most legal restrictions have lifted after lockdown, two-thirds (67%) of UK adults say there are elements they don’t like about hotels.

Almost a third (29%) were put off by the high cost of hotel bookings and a fifth (19%) were worried about noisy neighbours. A further 16% weren’t impressed by the overall quality of hotel food or the need to always dine out when staying away from home.

The survey results follow the fact serviced apartments were permitted to stay open to paying guests throughout the pandemic, whereas much of the hotel and leisure industry was forced to close due to ongoing social distancing restrictions.

Indeed, while most adults use serviced apartments for holidays, 13% have used them for business travel and 12% for both an event or just due to the ease of lifestyle.

And with a recent study finding 26% of adults are still unable to picture their pre-pandemic lifestyles returning at any point soon[1], having an alternative accommodation option for business or leisure is highly valuable.

Marc Goldberg, Commercial CEO at Together, said: “After a year and a half of living with all our ‘at-home comforts’, it’s highly likely the end of lockdown and eventual removal of travel restrictions will result in a shift in the types of accommodation people want to stay in while travelling for business or pleasure. While there will always be demand for hotels, our survey highlights there was and continues to be a large proportion of people who favour serviced apartments for the specific services they provide. Whether that group grows given people’s changing preferences, want of a ‘homely’ atmosphere with more privacy, or concerns over health and safety going forward is yet to be seen.

“We’re on the cusp of a different kind of normal – a hybrid workplace – meaning we’re either less obliged to travel for work, and when we do, can redefine our ‘work space’ if we’re not going to the physical office. In addition, UK holidays are already seeing unprecedented demand this summer, following a similar boom in 2020 which saw nearby residences booked up in popular holiday spots. Whether the trend is here to stay or not, what’s clear is how invaluable serviced apartments are to people before and during the pandemic.”

Clare Cuff

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