Housing Crisis Report

Published by Market Financial Solutions on 23rd November 2021 -


The housing crisis is one of the most significant societal issues affecting the UK. A lack of available housing – particularly affordable housing – has resulted in rent and house prices rising sharply over many decades. In turn, millions of people across the UK are living in unsuitable accommodation, while many millions more are unable to purchase their own property.

It is a complex, long-term problem that can be traced back more than half a century. Indeed, it has its roots in the decline of social housing and the sharp rise in property values, which became prevalent in the 1970s and 80s.

At the beginning of the 1970s, around one third of homes across Great Britain were affordable social housing provided by local authorities, according to government data. This ensured housing of a reasonable or affordable standard for those renting.

The Thatcher government then introduced further incentivises to the already-established Right to Buy scheme, which enabled council tenants to buy their homes for a reduced price. The Housing Act of 1980 ensured even greater discounts, resulting in more affordable and social housing moving into private ownership. This continued in the intervening decades.

At the same time, homebuilding activity has dwindled while the population has grown at pace.

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