The Landsite for Professional Service Providers

The only online market place for the UK's entire commercial property community

The Landsite is an online community – a digital platform from which to connect and engage with like-minded individuals, buy and sell land or commercial property, market professional business services and share news and information. 

The purpose of The Landsite is to source and attract information from the UK’s professional property sector and centralise it within a digital hub that is easily accessible and universally available to anyone. It allows members to showcase their professional services to a community of potential customers with a targeted interest in land and commercial property. 

With a dedicated platform for you to showcase your services, The Landsite provides members with the opportunity to access a growing community of potential customers already engaged in the commercial property market.

The Landsite offers the ideal environment for investors, sellers and landlords in your local area to source your services, saving you time and money on advertising. Targeted advertising as a result of your presence within The Landsite community provides maximum return on investment by reaching already engaged potential customers.

With our eco-system of commercial property sellers, buyers and renters, creating a direct communication stream with your customers has never been easier. As well as simplifying communication, our online portal is carefully designed for ease of use, allowing you to upload and showcase your business and professional services quickly and easily – share images, insights, articles and background information about your services and allow potential customers to come to you directly.

Whether you’re interested in displaying your services on a commercial property network, want to connect with a brand new stream of customers or have a desire to learn about the property market and current trends, The Landsite is your go-to solution.

28th March 2020
How Feng Shui can make working from home a positive experience

As more and more people are now working remotely from home Feng Shui can help in making this change a less stressful and more positive experience.

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27th March 2020
How businesses can adapt to remote working

The following advice from Knight Frank's strategic consultancy team may be useful to individuals and companies going through these difficult times and asking staff to work from home.

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27th March 2020
COVID-19 & electronic signatures
Posted by Ince

Can we sign documents electronically and are these e-signed documents legally binding? 

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26th March 2020
Investing in the future
Posted by The Landsite

Ramsey Assal, CEO of The Landsite comments on ways to invest time during self isolation.

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26th March 2020
DIY disasters you can easily avoid
Posted by Together

Boredom is a natural side-effect of self-isolation. So if you're staring at the walls and tempted to do a little DIY while trapped indoors, there are some jobs around the house that are fine to tackle yourself.

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25th March 2020
Covid-19 - Westpoint Homes
Posted by Westpoint Homes

Sales centres update from Tuesday 24th March until safe to re-open. 

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24th March 2020
Protect your investment - don't forget to extend your lease

Imagine the horror of thinking your property is worth £500k, when it is actually only worth £180k!

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24th March 2020
R35 legislation delayed to April 2021 due to Covid-19
Posted by Hunter Dunning

As result of the coronavirus pandemic, the new IR35 regime has been delayed until April 2021.

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