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Spaciable has helped over 130 private residential and build to rent developers, housing associations and managing agents digitalise their handover and customer service processes to save time and money, while elevating their brand image in a crowded market.
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Business Overview

What is Spaciable?

If You Want Fewer Customer Care Calls, More Sales and Better Brand Engagement, Spaciable is the Answer!

Spaciable has:

Our award-winning portal brings homebuying into the digital age.

With separate dashboards for admins and home users, the portal improves communication between both parties from sale through to the end of the liability period, thanks to an accessible notifications tool, an interactive calendar and document uploading, while helping home users become self-sufficient through 24/7 access to a wealth of bespoke information and features relating to their new home.

Key Features

These are just some of the great features on Spaciable - features that are constantly evolving and expanding to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Spaciable Legal

Spaciable Legal is the FREE game-changing digital conveyancing tool that gets more sales across the line in a fraction of the time (completion times are reduced by 48% and with 67% fewer fall-throughs). You can even earn commission on each transaction, potentially offsetting the cost of Spaciable and becoming a revenue stream – it’s a no brainer!


An interactive one-stop shop of user guides, certificates, policy documents and a bespoke, expertly-written homeowner manual, helping home users self-serve the required information and documentation throughout their journey, saving customer care teams from tedious admin.

My Journey

The ultimate digital handholding tool. My Journey guides buyers through the journey, from sale to reservation to legal completion and beyond. The tool, which can be customised, helps get sales over the line quicker and with less in-house input, while minimising fall-throughs.


Details of each home’s fixtures and finishes split out by room, allowing home users to easily check their home’s specifications and register their appliances, without relying on customer care teams to filter through long spreadsheets on their behalf.


Answers to many common queries faced by home users, helping them to self-serve and reduce costly customer care calls for easily resolvable questions.


A digital address book, connecting home users with the most qualified person to help with a given issue, ensuring customer care teams are not inundated with queries meant for the local authority, utility suppliers or managing agent.


Share notifications with home users across entire developments, specific phases or individual plots, so customer care teams can effortlessly maintain communication from reservation through to completion and beyond without tediously trawling through lengthy, possibly out-of-date contact details and risking key messages getting missed.