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Property insurance is a diverse and often complex area. As a property investor or landlord, you need to be confident that your most valuable assets are protected. So, finding the right insurance cover is vital.

Whether you are seeking landlord insurance, vacant property insurance, structural warranties, commercial property insurance, building insurance, or something more specialised such as new home warranty specialists ot new build warranty guidance you are in the right place.

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19th July 2024
Build Warranty Wins Prestigious Corporate Livewire Award for Best Construction Warranty Provider
Build Warranty has recently been honoured with the prestigious Corporate Livewire Award for the Best Construction Warranty Provider, a testament to their outstanding service and dedication to the construction industry.
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2nd July 2024
£3 Billion Affordable Housing Boost to Deliver 20,000 New Homes
In a significant move to address the UK's housing crisis, the government has announced a £3 billion expansion to the Affordable Homes Guarantee Scheme.
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25th June 2024
Building Excellence: Bond Brickwork Partners with Build Warranty® for Premium Structural Warranty Cover
Bond Brickwork has chosen Build Warranty® to provide a 10-year structural warranty for its project, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind for the end user.
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7th June 2024
Contrasting Housing Policies: Labour vs. Conservative Approaches Post-July 4th Election
The article examines the impact of the July 4th election results on the UK housing market, focusing on the differing approaches of the Labour and Conservative parties.
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28th May 2024
The Future of Structural Warranties: Build Warranty Group Approach to New Regulations and Technology
As we progress through 2024, the structural warranty sector faces a landscape filled with both challenges and opportunities.
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22nd April 2024
The Importance of Securing a Building Warranty Before Construction
As builders and developers navigate the intricate landscape of construction, securing a comprehensive building warranty emerges as a crucial step towards mitigating risks and ensuring peace of mind.
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