South Coast Self-build Complete With Luxury Basement

Published by Glatthaar Keller Ltd on 20th May 2022 -


“We had a place at Bosham, which we used as a weekend retreat and over many years it gave us lots of pleasure. When the children were young, they went sailing there and it was a beautiful time. At one point we had to make the decision where we would like to spend the rest of our lives and we decided that Bosham was the perfect place.” Monika Bartscht

 Monika explains: “We decided to pursue the prefabricated house approach where the house is constructed off-site. That way everything is precisely laid out which is very important to the budget. If you build with a builder you have a budget but you put 20% on top of it just because the things that obviously haven’t been accounted for result in changes and complications. We also decided we wanted a basement, which was unheard of in a coastal town. Fortunately, someone in Bosham had already built a basement which proved it was possible. The journey of the basement really was a very big journey for us. The house by comparison was peanuts. One must understand the house builder is responsible for ground plate up. Little did we know when we first heard the expression what this means, because groundworks are a very big part of the building project. If you then decide to go for a basement, especially as our basement is the size of the house, then you have to precisely plan the space. The house builder said it’s ideal to have a plant room essential for your incoming mains, the heating system, the Tesla battery, the air-to-heat heating system and the hot water. Having it all in the basement is something that is very good because you don’t have to give up any living space to a room that you don’t really need to access every day. We always dreamed of having a wine cellar, so we have created a wonderful space. My husband wanted a big man’s den, model trains are his hobby, and now finally he is fulfilling his dream, building his amazing train set. Storage in the basement is a massive plus, we do not need much storage space in the house”

See more pictures and details of the project at: South coast self-build complete with luxury basement - Glatthaar Keller

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