How Alphaletz Helped TWH Homes to Scale Beyond Limits.

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With a steady plan and recent growth, we catch up with Tom to see how he’s getting on with Alphaletz.

We asked Tom a few questions surrounding Alphaletz and his experience with moving from clunky spreadsheets to a smarter, purpose built system.

We found that Tom has now been freed from hours of time consuming tasks since adopting Alphaletz. 

Since then, he’s used the time that he’s clawed back to bring someone else on board, helping him manage his property business more effectively.

Q. So Tom, what systems did you use when you first started out as a landlord?

When I first started out, I was using different software packages like Spreadsheets, OneDrive, BaseCamp, Outlook, a Task Management system… I even tried two other landlord software packages but they were just too complicated and didn’t have the features I needed.

Spreadsheets were fine to begin with, but I found myself repeating the same old tasks again and again which eventually became pretty labour intensive.

Q. What sort of challenges did you encounter early on?

 I found that it was almost impossible to bring someone on to help me, which kind of left me stuck. I just found that it was very difficult to work with somebody else when there’s different spreadsheets everywhere!

Q. What’s the main saving you’ve seen with Alphaletz?

 Alphaletz has allowed me to save incredible amounts of my own time.

Alongside my property business, I also work with a structural engineering company. 

Due to being stuck with repetitive processes like onboarding tenants, I hadn’t been able to give this other business the time it truly needs.

Alphaletz has helped me claw that time back so I can make more money focusing on other ventures.

I can also allocate this leg work to my colleague Lindy quite easily thanks to Alphaletz!

Q. Tom, what do you like most about Alphaletz?

 Well, it feels like I’m running a proper business now!

The thing about my old processes were that they were built by me, for me. Meaning that if I wanted to bring someone else on board, it’d be very tricky to do so.

Whereas now, I’ve got ten different processes which I’ve consolidated into Alphaletz, meaning that I don’t need ten different software packages to get the job done.

Q. Would you recommend Alphaletz to other landlords?


Thanks to Alphaletz, I’ve been able to grow and scale my business more effectively than without. It’s unlocked time savings that I desperately needed and I’ve now been able to delegate leg work more effectively without experiencing spreadsheet overload.

Richard Jackson

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