CALA Homes Case Study

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Key Achievements

• Online and offline solutions allow home buyers to access information about their home when they need it

• Great continuation of brand representation

• Enhancing a professional handover that has been standardised across all regions

• On-boarding CALA Homes on Spaciable

• Migrating from paper-based solution to fully digital solution

• Converted their successful Purchase Guide into an online workflow


What Was the Problem, Challenge or Objective?

CALA Homes was seeking to improve the customer journey with a solution that represented the high quality of its homes. The previous handover solution – a branded box that stored agency written content and inserts – required an uplift to embrace the digital age and offer the level of customer service and support that CALA felt its new home owners deserved.

We therefore migrated CALA’s handover process online. While we successfully onboarded CALA on Spaciable, with 8,436 active plots, we initially continued to provide them with printed manuals, as we prepared the next phase of their new process, which would remove all paper-based elements of their handover solution from us.

As part of their sustainability drive, CALA tasked us with minimising their paper usage, while still delivering the excellent customer experience they are renowned for.

Spaciable, our award-winning online portal, has the equivalent of approximately 14,400 trees worth of paper uploaded.


What Was the Solution/Products Taken?

Through our bespoke portal, Spaciable, we were able to achieve the goals of both minimising paper consumption throughout the homebuying process, while also elevating the brand experience for home users and supporting customer care teams.

Understanding their need to access information on the go, the implementation of an online portal allows buyers to access information about their new home from a phone, tablet or computer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

New homebuyers love showing friends and family the reservation and completion guides. They also act as a sales and marketing tool and have even increased referrals and customer satisfaction rates. Providing more than a pink slip of paper at reservation reiterates to purchasers that they’ve made the right decision buying from CALA Homes and makes them feel supported throughout the customer journey.

Our My Journey feature was already in development, which acts as a digital handholding tool, guiding homebuyers through from sale to legal completion and beyond. As CALA’s Purchase Guide had already proven a highly successful source of information for their homebuyers, we decided to work the Purchase Guide into the My Journey model, essentially adapting the manual into a step-by-step workflow that shows the buyer relevant information at each stage of the journey, with links to helpful features and contacts.

This tailored solution creates an accessible and comprehensive guide for homebuyers, keeping them motivated and informed throughout the buying process, while ensuring nothing falls through the gaps. Each stage of the journey is split into bitesize chunks that can be easily digested 24/7 from any location. A traffic light system allows buyers to easily monitor which sections they have not yet read, so it is easy to return to and pick up where they left off.

We have also converted their Home Owner Guide, which homebuyers receive at completion, into an online manual, to streamline the full process online.

The training from Classic Folios has been invaluable to the teams at CALA Homes. With a more detailed understanding of the products, sales staff can ensure that home users are making the most of their handover documents, which in turn reduces calls to customer service teams.


“We’re incredibly proud of the homes we build and pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service. We believe that the buyer should feel supported from the point of reservation and long after they move into their new home, and that’s exactly what Classic Folios’ products provide. The company has been great, especially our dedicated Account Manager, who has provided us with training to ensure we use the guides and online portal to their full potential.”

CALA Homes

Julia Mardell

Spaciable has helped over 130 private residential and build to rent developers, housing associations and managing agents digitalise their handover and customer service processes to save time and money, while elevating their brand image in a crowded market.

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