Why Build Warranty® is The New No.1 Choice for Structural Warranties

Posted by Build Warranty Group on 31st January 2024 -


In the rapidly evolving landscape of structural warranties, Build Warranty® emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. As challenges plague the sector, including reduced capacity, bureaucratic processing, and rising premium rates, our structural warranty solutions not only navigate these issues but redefine excellence. Here are the top five benefits that set us apart: 

1. Unwavering Capacity Amid Industry Upheaval 

While several providers struggle with capacity losses, we stand firm, ensuring both our partners and clients have the reliable capacity they need, whether for new business or mid-term adjustments to existing policies. 

2. Consistent Cover with No Mid-Project Surprises 

Change of insurers mid-project can be a nightmare, leading to new subjectivities and unreasonable underwriting criteria. Build Warranty® ensures consistent cover throughout the project, eliminating the risk of revoked cover at the completion stage. 

3. Streamlined Processes for Efficient Project Sign-Off 

Bureaucratic processes and disjointed technical auditing can cause delays and complications in project sign-off. At Build Warranty®, our technology, streamlined processes and well-managed technical auditing ensure efficiency, minimising delays, and simplifying the path to project completion. 

4. Technologically Advanced Systems for Enhanced Customer Service 

As some providers struggle with antiquated systems, our company embraces technology, ensuring efficient data processing that directly impacts customer service. Our commitment to technological advancement enhances our ability to provide unparalleled service to our clients. 

5. Competitive Premium Rates Despite Industry Challenges 

The structural warranty sector has seen a surge in premium rates from Insurers, making it challenging for some providers to remain competitive. Build Warranty® defies the trend, offering premium rates that are not only competitive but constant, allowing our clients and partners to be able to rely on constant value for money and no need to shop around. 

Build Warranty® not only navigates the challenges of the evolving structural warranty landscape but sets a new standard of excellence. Our commitment extends beyond industry norms, providing a partnership that offers innovation, reliability, and unwavering support. As we redefine what a structural warranty provider can be, we invite builders, developers, and investors to experience the difference that safeguards your projects, enhances your peace of mind, and propels your ventures toward success.  

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We are the UK construction industry’s new number one choice for warranty solutions, professional advice, personal service… and the most competitive premiums on the market.

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