What is Block Management Software?

Published by Blocks Online on 20th November 2020 -


Our block Management software has been built to support Property Management Companies and Residential Managing Agents to manage blocks even with busy schedules!

Making Block Management Easier 

Blocks Online offer a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of web-based block management software with built-in best practice to support Residential Managing Agents and Property Management Companies. The user-friendly online system is ideal for Managing Agents that have busy schedules, as they can sign up quickly and maintain blocks without spending too much time. No software needs to be installed, due to the system being in the cloud, meaning users can access the information anywhere, any time and on any device.

Through our block management software, Managing Agents can issue service charges, ground rent demands, record leaseholder funds, raise ad-hoc invoices and track expenditure on supplier invoices. All financial information is available for review by your staff through a single and secure website and the comprehensive suite of reports provides financial and property management information, which is beneficial for all Managing Agents to keep on top of their blocks.

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Block Management Software For Managing Agents

The block management software that we provide is a time-saving way for Managing Agents to ensure that the management of blocks runs as seamlessly as possible. With the use of an online portal, leaseholders can access their details anywhere with internet connection, allowing them to manage outgoings and payments with ease. Payments can be managed online, which allows Managing Agents to keep on top of multiple blocks on the go. What’s more, the software provides you with the opportunity to win more business, by impressing your clients with streamlined business processes that reduce complexity and increase operational efficiency. Managing Agents can access the block management system 24 hours, 7 days a week, which is perfect for those who have out of office working hours.

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Dominic Jackson

Blocks Online provides cloud-based award winning software for block management companies and managing agents to make block management easier.

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