The Proof is in the Postcodes

Posted by Spaciable on 17th May 2022 -


Following our launch of Spaciable Free, we decided to map out all of the developments on our award-winning portal to show our reach from Elgin to Plymouth, and Donaghmore to Norwich (and everywhere in between) – as you can see, we’ve built up quite a presence across the UK!

It’s a testament to the power of our portal that it has become such an integral part of developers’ handover and customer care processes.

Spaciable is used by over 130 BtS and BtR developers, housing associations and managing agents to streamline processes, saving time and money, while improving the customer experience for homebuyers and tenants.

The ever-expanding repertoire of features include:

✔️ Digital conveyancing

✔️ Interactive library

✔️ Key contacts

✔️ FAQs

✔️ Defect reporting

✔️ Fixtures and fittings

✔️ Exclusive deals and offers

✔️ Local area guide

And much more…

Add your pin to the map by signing up to Spaciable for FREE today and join the portal that is sweeping the nation!

Julia Mardell

Spaciable has helped over 130 private residential and build to rent developers, housing associations and managing agents digitalise their handover and customer service processes to save time and money, while elevating their brand image in a crowded market.

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