Living Walls for Urban Gardens

Published by Scotscape on 17th December 2020 -


Working from home certainly gets the imagination flowing in terms of home and garden improvements and wish lists for the future. If you have limited outdoor space it will feel even more acute right now, urban gardens are a challenge, limited ground space and sometimes limited light can make styling them up and becoming a lush sanctuary a tricky problem, meaning that often the door gets closed to 'deal with that another day'.

Living walls offer a solution which should be considered! Over the years we have installed living walls in many private homes, both in gardens and in interiors, throughout London and the rest of the UK. The Fytotexitle system incorporates 49 plants per square meter, that certainly packs in some biodiversity in a small space! Localised air quality around the home is also improved with smart horticultural content. Download our technical information here to see how Fytotextile works.

This project in Central London incorporates the clever use of mirrors, making this small space feel much larger and reflecting the myriad of plants multiple times, so of this may be an illusion, however it enhances the garden further.

Living Walls private client Central London

Living Walls private client Central London

Other options include bespoke sections of living wall to create eye catching patterns in a small garden. This project which was designed by Arit Anderson and installed by the Scotscape team, using Fytotextile, demonstrates the versatility which can be applied to creating unique small spaces.

Urban Light Wells

Many city properties have limited outdoor space which drops into the basement, greening these up is possible if the correct plants are specified. Notice in this project how the planting plan - designed by Paul Hensey changes towards the base - more ferns which love the shade, hostas are also a great choice for shady locations. We offer advice on plant content for living walls download our outdoor plant list here.

Imagine lying in the bath with this lovely living wall as your view!

The options for incorporating living walls into your urban garden are endless, no matter how small the space, the power of plants is transformative, both visually, holistically and to support ecosystems and biodiversity, remember our essential pollinators LOVE to forage:

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Specialists in Commercial and Domestic Landscape Construction, Living Walls, and Urban Greening. We employ over 60 staff at our head office and nursery in Surrey, operating a fleet of vehicles to service projects across the UK and Europe.

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