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Managing Director of the DCW Group, launched DCW Insights, an innovative and automated project identification app for the property sector. Bringing the property sector into the 21st Century, this revolutionary platform has a built-in due diligence checker and DCW Insights houses all of the information you need regarding plots of land, local authorities, industry specialists and more under one digital roof Promising to transform project timescales and productivity.

Investment viability checks can take up to six months to complete; necessary due diligence is notoriously thought to be long-winded as developers inevitably encounter delays and long waiting periods. This can subsequently impact a project’s profitability and efficiency, as you await the crucial information you need. Now, DCW Insights uses a cloud-based, single interface to gather and distribute all property development activity and information. No longer do developers need to add month-long waiting periods onto their estimated timelines; everything you need is available at the click of a button.

In accordance with the comprehensive due diligence that every developer and land manager must oversee, DCW Insight’s services are vast and comprehensive. From the latest planning and information guidelines to the speedy identification of viable development opportunities, instant local planning feedback, a polygon mapping tool for detailed local build site analyses, a demographic analysis of all UK postcodes, dynamic financial metrics, property template creation, ongoing project cost control and more, DCW Insights succinctly supports every stage of a property project; from planning through to fruition.

The Founder of DCW Insights, Dean Ward, has over 17 years’ experience within the residential and commercial property sector. It is this experience that highlighted to Dean the inefficient shortcomings that have held the industry back from progress; when assessing a plot of land, securing information is far from simple, an ironic circumstance when considering the nation’s urgent need for more high-quality housing and commercial units. Dean knew that something needed to change, with information, data and collaborations being made accessible without unnecessary stumbling blocks.

DCW Insights works alongside local authorities and governing bodies to access critical information on your behalf. Meanwhile, consultants and industry specialists are able to promote their services on the platform; it is designed to support the entire sector, providing a community-like space within which users can advertise their services, source important data and, generally, enhance the efficacy of their wider processes.

Discussing his passion for DCW Insights and why he feels this all-encompassing platform is needed now more than ever, Dean says: “The amount of time it takes to conduct investment viability checks is completely unnecessary, impacting profits and productivity. By having all of the information you need in one place, and accessible at the click of a button, processes can be very easily sped up, whilst accuracy remains a leading priority.

“ There has been a magnifying glass placed upon the need for digital working practices which makes the launch of DCW Insights very timely. In light of the recent planning reforms, the use of prop-tech is now more important than it has ever been. Efficiency has been highlighted as one of the most important factors when acquiring development land and our platform can speed this process up exponentially. We truly believe that DCW Insights will help to reform the housing development industry.”

2021 has been a year filled with unexpected challenges and as new legislations continue to arise, including the government’s recent white paper, it’s become increasingly clear that the industry is being redefined. DCW Insights will foster business’ collaborations with local authorities and the timely completion of projects, responding to the housing crisis that continues to engulf the UK. This platform has been designed with purpose and is driven by experts who are committed to making every process more efficient and every business more fruitful.

The DCW Group is a full-service agency which helps its clients to navigate the complexities of research, planning and development; DCW Insights is a revolutionary addition to these efforts and, as such, the team is eager to communicate its importance. If we hope to create an industry that’s profitable, efficient and collaborative in the future, then we simply must embrace the technology and support which will help us along the way.

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