Electric Gates and Bespoke Metalwork in London, Surrey and Surrounding Areas

Posted by P & R Fabrications Limited on 1st June 2021 -


When you need an electric gate for your property that you can rely on, you need P & R Fabrications. Our team has years of experience of fully fitting and maintaining all styles of electric gates. No matter how small or large the opening is, we can fabricate the gate for you to make your property safe and secure.

All of the gates we create utilise the latest automation technology and allow extra security measures to be added like voice commands, fob/key pad controls and/or GSM mobile phone controls. We can add other features such as automatic closing gates that shut for you so you never have to worry about it not being shut behind you, or auto-exit gates that will open as you approach to leave. Our main aim is to keep you safe in your property and keep unwanted visitors out.

Dean Robinson

Electric gates and bespoke metalwork in London, Surrey and the surrounding areas.

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