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Published by Nicholas Sunderland Interiors on 11th February 2021 -


The old saying ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’, refers to so many things in life, home office, personal life experiences, and rarely do we fully see the Wood! The beautiful, elegant, organised by nature layout that just looks perfect in every way. Now look around you, see where this is going?

NSI Design can help you in so many affordable ways to make life easier and more comfortable. Has that bedroom finally got more tired than you? Has the Kitchen cooked the last Goose? Well then you are in trouble. Ok to the point.

Many of you want to use a designer, or at least to obtain advice, so why can’t you, possibly because you look at the bigger picture, but we can look at the finer detail, and I mean, room by room.

We can transform that tired often cluttered room into a clean elegant organised and comfortable space that won’t waste precious time or money.

There are several options, a simple colour design, which will guide you through the myriad of options and allow you to decorate when you are ready. With a full paint and layout specification to ensure the finish is perfect, you can’t go wrong. Prices from £250.00  Email for more details

Maybe you want something more detailed, such as complete overhaul of a room, colour furnishings, wall art, but don’t know where to start. We can set aside a full day to look at the room (2 hours in your home) and what you have and propose, working with or replacing. I will get to understand your individual style and expectations and provide instructions for effective space planning, full shopping list for items required and of course a colour palette guidance on layout and fittings  giving you a fresh outlook on your home. Prices from £750.00 If you buy items through us, the discounts could pay the fee, and more. Email for more details

Sounds good? Well we can go further, what about that Kitchen! Tired, run down, hinges loose or worse taped together. It’s time to upgrade but how best to do it, we can help. A 2 hour consultation with you at your home or proposed kitchen supplier can help cut through the confusion of tiles, flooring, finishes colours layout new or existing, it’s endless. A kitchen designer can certainly plan the space, but can they incorporate the nuances the individual in you requires, not always. Prices start from £500.00 and again we can provide discounts. Bathroom drowning you, we offer the same service Email for more details

But what about the whole house, you may want a room or the whole project taking through to completion and project management, that’s not a problem, just talk to us see if it’s the right option for you. Prices start at £2500.00 Email for more details

Let’s set up a free no obligation conversation and look at the best options for your design, Home or Business, and we can arrange a time to suit. Email for more details


Nicholas Sunderland

NSI is one of the Leading Interior Design Companies in London and was established by the award winning interior designer Nicholas Sunderland.

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