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Having gained a number of lovely new followers recently, I thought it was probably about time I introduced myself. I’m Lally the founder and face behind Lally Walford Interiors -

I launched Lally Walford Interiors about 15 years ago after working in the interiors industry since early 2000, not to mention growing up in an interior design environment since before I can remember (my mother also running a successful interior design practice). You could say designing interiors is in my blood.

Following a move to Scotland in 2005, I have established a wonderful, loyal and ever-increasing client base here. However I continue to support clients based both locally and overseas with their interior design needs - from transforming to breathing new energy into workspaces and offices.

Each of our designs is guided by look and ‘feel’. Feel being a central word here. How does a client want to ‘feel’ when they are in their home or space and how do I create that feeling for them. It’s necessary to get deep into how they live their lives – from what side of the bed they sleep on and whether they prefer showers to baths, right through to how much they entertain, whether they have children or pets, or whether there is a need to make the room adaptable for multiple uses. Successful design is only possible with in depth knowledge of how people live in their homes. So it is a very personal and tailored service that we offer.

My team and I are committed to providing clients with a dedicated personal service and aim to create homes and offices that stand the test of time.

So whether you’re looking to transform your home, breathe new energy into your workspaces or create an aspirational feel in your staycation location - we’re here to listen, understand your goals and create designs to bring your space to life.

Lally Walford

Lally Walford Interiors offer a comprehensive interior design service, tailor-made to meet your specific requirements.

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